Wednesday, June 17, 2009

down on the farm...

It seems there is always something that needs to be harvested on the farm...from April through October we are seemingly always cutting grass. (I use the term 'we' quite loosely!)

Yesterday the field right next to our house was being chopped for silage...for the second time this year. Ryder came to spend some time with Grammy...

...and we watched from the distance for a bit.

And then we hitched a ride with Grandpa for a spell...

...and watched the grass being chopped and blown into the wagon...

...before being trucked off to the bunker. (I'm thinking Grandpa should clean the tractor windows before taking Grammy for a ride!)

Also down on the farm...

...the raspberries are nearly ready for harvest!

Ryder thought they were plenty ready...

...and can take credit for eating the first raspberries of this year's crop.

Once the raspberries were down the hatch...he was wondering if there might possibly be time to bake chocolate chip cookies yet...before mommy came to get him. Grandpa suggested maybe we try raisin oatmeal cookies this time...

...but he stood his ground!

The grass is in the bunker...the cookies are in the jar...and on the farm, we are waiting for rain. Did I really say that? Normally we are praying for the rain to end at this time of the year...but this year is anything but normal. It has been almost a month since we had a good rain...very strange indeed for the west coast. By the time you read this post...we may even be getting there is a slight chance of showers. I'm not getting out my umbrella just yet!

Have a wonderful Wednesday...


  1. Thanks for taking us for a ride through the farm with your little helper.
    Those berries are looking good.
    I remember your ice-cream raspberry pie. taste and see.
    I know the farmers need rain...

  2. That looked like fun!
    Over here we had a sprinkling of rain overnight, but not enough to realy wet anything. I hope the clouds open up over your way soon.

    PS If your Farmer cleans windows, you are a lucky woman!

  3. It's starting to sprinkle here. what about your place...
    We need it to POUR!

  4. I love your pictures and read the mowing story out loud to Terry.
    Still praying for that rain for YOU... it's cloudy here again today. ..Hmmm.

  5. Oh those cookies look delicious. I just might bake some of my own today. :-)
    We have had nothing but rain here in Maryland.

  6. Yup. I have to take my umbrella on my walk this morning. I'm happy for the farmers, but I hope it gets nice again soon. Love the little guy with his chocolate chips cookies.

  7. If I could I would ship you some rain. It's raining here again today. We have had a very wet spring. I'm not going to complain, however, as we have been in a drought for several years. I loved the little ride around the farm. Ryder had the perfect little red shorts set on to sample the first raspberry of the season in. The cookies look delicious.

  8. Ryder must love having a ride with Grammy and Grandpa in the tractor..and then baking cookies...what more could he ask for in his young life? :-)

    We have had all your rain on the East coast this spring, Judy....too much rain! It has rained over 30 of the last 40 days! My poor tomato plants wonder when they will see some sun so they can flower. The grass and trees have flourished, though, and I';m sure our water supply reservoirs are full!

    My raspberries have just begun growing little fruit buds, so you are ahead of us! The cycle of nature never fails to astound me.

  9. Since I am near the East coast I too wish I could send you some of our rain. Riding around in the tractor was a marvelous treat for the little tyke, I am sure. The cookies look great too. I believe cookies are the symbol of Granmas. Blessings.

  10. Mmm fresh raspberries and choc. chippers! We are still waiting for our strawberries. Our raspberries won't appear til well into July.

    Hope you get a good soaking!

  11. How special for Ryder to be growing up by your farm...he will carry those memories for years to come. I think that little guy likes his sweets too. I only felt sprinkles from above on the last few steps of my walk this AM, but I did pray that the farmers would get the rains they so need. Hope it pours for you all today...and then the sun can come out again. Kathy

  12. What a lovely day you all had!
    No rain here....yet.

  13. Sometimes, when reading your post, I think I would enjoy living on a farm. I am thankful that you share so much of your lives on the farm, with us. Think of all that you are teaching your grandson, and how fortunate he is to have grandpa around during the day. Seeing those cookies and knowing that I have hot coffee in the thermos...just seemed like the perfect combination. I guess distance might be a problem. Great post!

  14. Great photo's Judy...just taking a break from work to check in on my bloggy's sooo green on your farm...lovely...and I know the work never ends....

    Happy Wednesday back at-cha!

  15. Lucky little guy to be with his grandparents enjoying all the good things about farming - tractor rides, equipment, fresh raspberries out of the garden and then fresh cookies...come to think of it, does life get better for anyone than this... so fun!


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