Friday, June 26, 2009

camping...a first

A couple of three-year-olds have been looking forward to a camping trip with Grammy and Grandpa this summer. It may not have been stellar camping weather...but the promised trip went ahead nevertheless...

...with hardly a hitch. Three-year-olds don't mind one bit if it is drizzling...or if the slide is long as there is a campfire...some treats...and lots of bedtime stories!

There were a few moments I won't be forgetting any time soon. Picture the two of them...sitting like a little old couple...waiting for Grandpa to roast their wieners. Just as Grammy was taking their picture...they are both fell to the ground. Next came loud wailing...all bears within earshot made a hasty retreat deep into the forest. It seems Ryder's chair toppled into Ranen's...and they went down like dominoes. I couldn't laugh at the moment...but have chuckled often since.

I questioned Ranen's choice of clothing for a camping trip...but soon discovered that she wears only dresses...and no amount of persuading will change that. I'm thinking jeans would have made the trips down the slide a little more fun!

I'll leave you with a tip on making s' easy, peasy and delicious method. Traditionally, s'mores are made by toasting a marshmallow...and squeezing the toasted marshmallow between two graham crackers together with a piece of chocolate.

Thanks to a tip from my DIL...I am now purchasing some yummy French cookies with one side coated in chocolate...that work just perfectly for making s'mores.

We are off to the desert today...where we will be camping with a cherry orchard. And yes...the cherries should be at their prime...and I am ready for a feast!

Have a great weekend...


  1. hilarious and great memories were made I am sure. Love the smores tip...never could get that down just right with the melted chocolate! Nice photos. Grin.

  2. That mosaic is darling. I know what you mean about the laughing. Sometimes they get offended if you laugh, but they react so cute you can't help it. All those photos are worth a million. Blessings this weekend.

  3. Judy .. .this is one time that your words .. .were completely unnecessary. .but I read them anyhows. . just to see if I was right.
    White socks camping. . .dominoes. . you chuckling. . .and smores. . .oh yah. . .I think you could sell those pictures.
    Oh ..and I love chocolate covered digestives with smores too.
    Have fun in your cherry orchard.

  4. the kids are sooo cute and I had to laugh at the picture in my mind with them toppling over....
    i make smores the same way....yum!
    have a good time!

  5. Looking at your wonderful mosaic, I was wondering how the two perfectly adult looking children landed on their keisters. Ha! Poor kids. What kind of chairs are those? Talk about shifting sands.

    Great tip for smores and I certainly hope that I remember that one!

  6. Great new tip in making s'mores. Thank you! About the little girl who only wears dresses, that was my one daughter for a time in her little life. Dresses everywhere. The photos you shared are priceless!

  7. Judy..great tip on the s'mores..will be remembering that one.
    So cute..dresses for camping!

  8. You must be having great fun. Those cookies are the best we have them in the UK too. Yummy!

  9. I love your photos of the two cousins. They will always remember how you took them camping . . . roasting hot dogs and s'mores - what a great idea with these chodolate coated wafers.

  10. Memories with the Grandkids never stop. That's the highlight of my summers. Interesting how you can't get her out of a dress.
    Have fun and the weather looks like it's turning.

  11. What precious moments with your grands -- even the shaky chairs and loud wailing part ! :-)

    My daughter was a "dress only" wearer until she was about 7! She still loves to dress up!

    That is a great smores tip!

    Enjoy the rest of the camping trip!

  12. Well they look as cute as buttons sitting in their little chairs :)

    Great tip for smores! I'll remember that one.

  13. Cute camping photos! Lucky little cousins :)

  14. What a hoot! She is a girlie girl! I laughing with you at the camp fire experience....loved the pics. I've been using those cookies for smores for afew years now and it does make it so easy. Enjoy the orchard and the family.

  15. Camping in a cherry orchard sounds just about as good as it can get. Have fun!

    Those two are so cute. I am certain they keep you both entertained.

  16. Your mosaic is so creative...they just get better and better! And the kids are so sweet! Thanks for the Smore's advice!

  17. Oh what fun! I love the s'mores tip!

    The cherry picking should be an interesting adventure in Ranen's camping attire too...hehehe


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