Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It is sizzlin' hot out there...and hard not to think about ice-cream. As I was looking through old photos...I came across this one from a very long time ago...

...three very sweet boys and their ice-cream cones! They happen to be my nephews...and liked nothing better than a chance to visit Chilliwack Milk Maid (which was across the road from our farm...back in the day) and come back with a cone. That was twenty-some years ago.

Milk Maid is long are the little boys...but some things never change!

Kids still like cones. If you have a cone in one hand...and a banana in the other...can it be called a banana split?

As you can see there are many ways to eat ice-cream...

...and down on the farm we think ice-cream is a great idea...any which way. Just be sure to check the packaging...and don't let them fool you into buying anything but the real thing.

Be a kid...have a cone!

Have a great day...


  1. I love ice-cream - all kinds - especially in cones!

    Have you ever had Cow's? Delicious! It's from PEI but I think they have a shoppe in BC.

    Of course DQ is good too.

  2. I notice one of the boys has 2 cones..I like that! And eating ice cream with your fingers..why not, all good as long as it gets into the mouth!
    I love ice cream cones esp on a hot, muggy day.

  3. I had one yesterday after my exam! What better way is there to celebrate? Mine was from a place in town that mixes the ice cream and fruit/nuts/chocolate on a cold marble slab. I had the Snickerdoodle - it was decadent!

  4. I love the picture of Lucas, Kellen & Thomas! It's one of my alltime favorites! ME

  5. This old lady, in her second childhood, loves ice cream cones too.We have Baskin & Robbins in our little town. Love the old pictures.

  6. Children and ice cream cones just seem to go perfectly together. Memories are so special, and it seems like the older I get, the more I treasure them. I like how you mentioned to read the box, making sure you get the real thing. I agree with you. Must be the farm girl in us.

  7. I was wondering too, how the one little guy ended up with two cones! Great reminder of how simple things can being delight!

  8. Catching up on your posts Judy...just finished working 7 days straight to get 8 days off for this trip. Now I have time to comment.

    Love the ice-cream post....I like the stuff any which way. :)

  9. We made a trip down to the dairy on the prarie this morning .. .showed the lil grandgirlie where the icecream really comes from. So fun.!

  10. Adorable photos! I love ice cream, and it's a healthy treat.

    I love the multi color Crocs your grandchildren are wearing. I just bought a pair and they are so comfotable I think I'll be wearing them from now on :-)

  11. Oh Judy...what a sweet and 'cool' post. I so wish I was having an ice cream right now! Instead...we had a bbq to celebrate Clean Air day here at work...complete with a Mareachi Band...did I spell that right? Anyway...after a half hour of standing in line to pick up the burger...I was burnt to a crisp...tis very hot..moreso out your way I believe!!!

  12. Love your photos. It's nice to know that some things never change. I got a kick out of the little guy with a cone in each hand.

    You won't have to twist my arm to have a cone ~ especially if it will make me feel like a kid again :-)

  13. I think ice cream is a wonderful comfort food. Who wouldn't enjoy it? Yummy in the cone and yummy in the bowl. The kids look so cute and happy. I love it.


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