Friday, June 19, 2009

celebrating dad...

Many of my friends no longer have a father with whom to celebrate Father's Day...for them it is all about memories. As for me...I will be spending time with my dad this weekend...and making new memories. How special is that?

It's been a tough ride for dad this past while...but after two bouts in hospital dealing with pneumonia...and another to address the side effects of med's...he is back at home once again. I have a storehouse of good memories...and pictures from the past...and most every time we are together, I hear more stories...and so my dad has written the book of his life one chapter at a time. But here is a chapter that has never been written...going shopping for clothes with his daughters. We thought we would get him some clothes for Father's Day...and allow him a little input...and so we are taking him shopping this afternoon. He is much more comfortable in Lordco or Home Hardware...but tonight we will go to a clothing store.

We thought that if we combined the shopping with a little would be much more palatable for him...and so we will go out for dinner. We will try to stay away from ABC Country Restaurant...his favorite spot for pie and ice-cream. That may just be a little too painful...since pie à la mode is now on his forbidden food list. Tonight we will try something new!

We will be making new memories...and adding another chapter to the book.

He has been a great dad...a provider and a support...a jack-of-all-trades...a dad who could fix anything...a story-teller extradaordinaire...the No.1 Toronto Blue Jays who delights in his family...a beloved dad, grandpa and great-grandpa. I am so glad I can celebrate Father's Day with him again this year!

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Sounds like a fun time planned with Dad, let us know how he did with the shopping..grin
    Wish I still had my Dad. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads.

  2. Have a lot of fun! In 86 years the only other time I know of that he has gone clothes shopping with his daughters was when two of us and his then-fiance, Marge, accompanied him. I'm looking forward to the recount later because I know this outing will be filled with laughter. Maybe you can post some fotos?

  3. I'm so glad you can celebrate with him, too. And, I hope he will continue to gain his strength. Have a fun venture.

    I miss my father so much. I always get a bit of a funk around Father's Day, but I have a wonderful husband and son to celebrate.

  4. What a gift and blessing to still have your dad! I lost mine at age 18.

    Hope you have a wonderful time shopping :)

  5. Have a grand time making new memories with your dad - each new one is more precious than the last.
    My dad will celebrate his birthday tomorrow - I won't be with him, but I've sent my best......the grandchildren will be there.
    Wishing you and your dad a really good time!

  6. What a lovely mosaic for today. I am so proud you have your dad. I blogged about my dad a couple of days ago. I am so happy my children and grandchildren have HH to still celebrate with. We wanted to keep our celebration a secret from HH, but he is the cook. I was pretty particular when I was shopping for a dad for my to be children since I did not have a good role model for mine. Blessings

  7. Judy .. .what a great daughter you are. . .taking your dad clothing shopping. I did that too after my mom passed away . ..and found it quite fun. He seemed to enjoy new ideas for his wardrobe.
    Enjoy dinner with your sisters too.

  8. What a great mosaic! Your dad is a handsome man. (You actually look a lot like him.)

    Have a lot of fun with your dad shopping for clothes and eating "differently."

  9. What a fun family time.
    I love the shopping time.
    I can't imagine where you would take him shopping.
    I'm sure that will be a post in itself.

  10. What a good sport he is to let you take him shopping! I know that by this time you are enjoying the moments and appreciating them very much. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. So fun!...and I am sure you will be creating more great memories. The collage is a beautiful tribute....

  12. Happy Father's Day to your Dad this weekend, Judy! I'm happy to read that he is home again.

    I miss my Dad ... he went to heaven 36 years ago. It is my son't first Father's Day and I'm excited and happy for him. I bought my husband a new BBQ grill -- he's thrilled!

  13. What a nice idea! So glad to hear Grandpa is back home again. It's not so fun being so far away during the hard times...I miss him, and think about him and Grandma a lot...Have a lovely evening, and give Grandpa a big hug from me, if you see this message in time :)

  14. Clothes shopping with his daughters sounds like a very nice new memory. I'm glad to hear that your Dad is out of the hospital and feeling up to a little shopping. What a nice mosaic.


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