Tuesday, June 9, 2009

more sprinkles, please....

After a spell of sizzling hot temperatures here in British Columbia, we are awaiting the showers that have been forecast. Forests are tinder dry and forest fires are raging in several parts of our province...and here on the farm our crops are getting very thirsty. At this point...the rains have eluded us...

...and the only sprinkles we are experiencing are those produced by stringing out hoses...and turning on taps!

Speaking of sprinkles...

...Ranen graduated from her kindermusik program yesterday. She thought that should qualify her for a prize...and was quite determined that she would have a doughnut with sprinkles. And so she did!

It's Tuesday...may you have sprinkles today as well if you so desire!


  1. OHHHH. . .she is "one" of the cutest little girls I've ever seen. OH. . and I wonder what the ages of her kindermusik class was. . my farmhand was in the jammie evening class.

    We had rain on Saturday morning at Harrison. .. it must have only rained on our party .. .when you prayed for rain. . .it must have been slightly off it's mark.

  2. No rain here either and the forest floor makes an alarming 'crunching' noise when one walks on it. The Great Dane and I have had our annual 'what to do' talk regarding a quick evacuation from our forest home.
    See you soon!

  3. What a precious little girl she is! I offer her my congratulations on such a big accomplishment. I wish I could send some of the rain we have been blessed with, up to all of you. Isn't it amazing how man can do so much and yet, not be able to produce one drop of rain from heaven. I really like your house in the evening, photo.

  4. Oh, and she had purple nailpolish!

  5. I hope it has cooled off up there for you. We have had rain, wind, and more wind. Roses are sad, but I do like the cooler temps. Hope it is heading your way.

  6. What a pretty little granddaughter you have, Judy. After all the rain we've been having here, I think I like her idea of sprinkles better.

  7. I like the sprinklers, water and doughnut. She is a little doll. I love the night picture of the house. Wish I could send you some of our precipitation. Its a waiting game. Waiting to start or waiting to stop.

  8. You have such a sweet g'daughter and she knows a good thing..a donut with sprinkles!
    It sure isn't dry here..we could share a bit of our weather.

  9. Ranen is a beautiful child. Her kids are amazing. I love her purple nails. That's my favorite color. Yummy lookin' donut. Too cute.

  10. Ranen is so beautiful! What big blue eyes she has.

    We've had rain almost two weeks in a row...I'd like these sprinkles to stop for awhile :-)


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson