Wednesday, June 24, 2009

unpacking a good summer read

I'm busy's time to get the RV ready to hit the road. So it was with great joy...that I discovered a package left behind by the mailman. I knew exactly what might be sending me... was my vacation reading material. And it arrived just in the nick of time!

A few books for her...a few books for him...and "The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen"...which I am looking forward to breaking into real soon!

We are off on a camping adventure today...with two three-year-olds who have never been camping! I'm thinking there won't be much time to read...maybe just a few pages of 'Farm Chicks'. Then for the weekend...we will make our way to the join family at a cherry orchard campground. How much better can it get?

Sometime this summer...I plan to read those books!


  1. I'll bet there's a shady tree in that cherry orchard and it's just waiting for you, your lounge chair and one of those books. A couple of them are on my list too!

  2. I can recommend "Three Cups of Tea." That is the only one I have read. Enjoy. That is great family fun.

  3. i have read lost in mongolia (it's terrifying but fantastic!), and i am currently reading three cups of tea and am enjoying it i can highly recommend both of those!

    geralyn (gill's SIL)

  4. Yes, well, best wishes with that! I can hardly wait for the reports to come in on the grands and their first camping trip. Oh boy howdy!

  5. Judy . .'ll take the three year olds on to the second part .. .or bring them back? I bet you'll have a great time. Do 3 year olds still nap? I love naps. . .that's when I open books. Your books look fantastic . . I've been lookimg at the cookbook too.
    Have a wonderful time!

  6. The read for Three Cups of Tea will not let you out of your chair.
    I'm wondering how much time you will have to read with those little ones.
    Hoping the weather will be nice and hot.

  7. I just started reading The Gurnsey Potato Peel Pie society book for our church ladies book club. Glad to see other reading it also!

  8. Two three year olds and a camping trip...what fun!! I hope you all have a wonderful time relaxing and fellowshipping together, with even a few minutes of reading time for you.

  9. have me dreaming amd looking forward to camping with...and without the grands, and picking up afew new books. I've just jotted down the titles on your new stash. Enjoy the adventure with those two little ones....I'm sure they are giddy with excitement. Kathy

  10. Have fun.....don't ya just love getting in the rv and hitting the it!!!

    See ya when we see ya!

  11. Sounds fantastic, have a great time!

  12. Hope you get some reading done this's hard to have books to read and no time!
    I have started reading the book 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie society' but am taking note of the others you mentioned.
    Have fun camping..

  13. I've read and enjoyed Three Cups of Tea -- an amazing true story of a very courageous man.

    Farm Chicks looks fun book, and The Potato Peel book has gotten rave reviews, so I have it on my library que.

    Have a wonderful time with the little ones!


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