Tuesday, June 16, 2009

picture this...

When using the fridge door as a bulletin board is not an option...where exactly do you post all the pic's that you don't want hidden in a drawer? I have the perfect wall adjacent to my fridge...but have been looking for something I could use as a display board. I think I have found my solution!

Several months ago...I saw the neatest idea at the 'Mermaids of the Lake' blog (scroll down to bottom). Debbie demo'd making magnets from glass stones...and using them on decorative metal tiles to create mini-bulletin boards. My plan was to find four matching tiles...and attach them to my wall as my display board. For months I have been keeping an eye out for the metal tiles...and found one or two...but never four of the same style. Last week I was on a mission to the garden shop...and came home with a metal work of art that will make a perfect magnet board (surprising what one can find at the garden shop these days!).

I decided to go with the amber coloured stones...rather than clear...and set about making my magnets.

I found some co-ordinating scrapbooking paper...

...and traced around the stones. I cut out the circles slightly smaller than my tracing lines and then applied Mod-Podge (decoupage gel) to the front of the cut-out with a paintbrush and attached it to the flat side of the glass stone. The gel dries clear...and the image will show through the stone.

I purchased magnets at the dollar store...just slightly smaller than the stone...and attached a magnet to the back of each stone using a glue gun.

In no time at all...I had three dozen magnets ready for my new project.

If you sent us a picture card for Christmas...chances are it will now be firmly attached to my new display board!

And since I have a whole package of clear stones that I never used...and lots of amber ones as well...I think I'll be making up more artsy magnets...and attaching them to decorative metal tiles...for my gift-giving pleasure. Thanks Debbie...for a fun idea!

Happy Tuesday...


  1. What a super idea and it looks gorgeous. I think I need to make one of these. Love it. I didn't know you had this blog also, I am so glad I found it. Thanks for stopping by and I'm so happy you're going to participate in the "Cloche Party". I appreciate you spreading the word also. I look forward to seeing you on Friday and your creations. Hugs, Marty

  2. Wow! - you are fast! This project is still just floating around in my mind. The tiles you found are really attractive.

  3. My fridge is covered. Been looking for a new idea. I love this. I love the colors of the tiles you found. Thanks for passing the idea on.

  4. I have seen this done with decorating a cookie sheet...but I like your metal tiles.
    Great job!!

  5. Judy .. now there is a craft that I can surely accomplish too ...how wonderful ..but I did note ..that you have such a decorative eye. . .waiting for those great metal tiles.

  6. Hi Judy, I am so glad that you made you own magnets and metal tile board. Thank you for the mention, too!!! Yours turned out perfect! I love the amber colored tiles and now I may have to copy you! I love artistic/creative inspiration, don't you?

    Mermaid Debbie

  7. Another facet of your personality comes to life...how very creative!! I think your finished project turned out beautifully! Who wouldn't love to receive this as a gift? Perfect way to dress up a wall!

  8. Very very pretty and clever to boot!

  9. Aw . . . that IS a good idea and you displayed the pictures beautifully! I like the clean fridge too!

  10. What a great idea and so much prettier than plastering pictures up on the front of the fridge. I didn't even know that metal tiles existed. I am going to be on the lookout for them now. I have a similar wall next to my fridge so this idea appeals to me. Silly question, but how did you hang it?
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a neat idea. I just may try this...and what a nifty gift giving idea. I'll start my search....today. Kathy

  12. Judy, you're so smart. do you make house calls? ;-)

    What a great idea and interpretation. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Wonderful idea, Judy and so creatively realized. My fridge is VERY messy with Pictures. I'll have to think about how I could make something like that work in my kitchen.

  14. Looks dandy and very attractive.
    If I would look at something like that I would think that it would be quite expensive, but knowing you, I know it's more about the time.

  15. Oh that's elegant. It just looks great for your needs!

  16. What a super idea....thanks for sharing!

  17. This looks so pretty! My refrigerator is covered with clippings and photos but I know the stainless steel ones are not magnetic so this is a great solution for that problem and much neater!

    I love your two ovens Judy! Now I know how you can bake with ease all the time. You have such a lovely kitchen!


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