Friday, June 5, 2009

sports day...the memories

It seems like yesterday that I was off to sports day... watch my daughter having fun with all her classmates. Today I am off to sports day once again...where my grand daughters will be on the starting line...just waiting for the signal to run! I will be standing on the sidelines at the very same sports field where I once played as a student.

Ah...what memories sports day has for me! I could hardly sleep the night before the annual anticipation of running the race...and hopefully winning a ribbon or two. We all rode bikes to school 'back in the day'...and so there was a bike decorating contest as well. That required an early morning get the bike all decked out in time. My blue J.C. Higgins bike with crepe paper streamers woven through the spokes...and totally smothered in white lilacs...looked most smashing.

Oh yes...and another memory is that of not being allowed to wear shorts...even when it meant I would be the only one in my class wearing peddle pushers! That only lasted for a few years...and then the rules were somehow relaxed at my home.

I loved 'running the race'...and went to the district track meet on many occasions. I never really thought about what a sports day might be like for those who found themselves at the back of the heat in each and every race...and have always been a big advocate of leaving the competitive races in sports day. There was a time when my daughter's school threw out all competition...and every 'race' was a non-competitive group event. All players got participation ribbons...and all moms were totally bored watching events that were simply 'play'. My theory was that those who excel in the classroom are rewarded on many levels...and those who excel in sports should receive their reward as well.

Today I'm re-thinking it all! My heart goes out to a little girl who likely lost sleep last night...and would prefer to stay home today...and has no desire to line up on that starting line. It's not for lack of effort, that she doesn't finish at the front of the pack! I'm going to cheer her on...and tonight we're having a post-sports-day party...and there'll be prizes for all!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Funny, but I was thinking of my daughter's sports days - she loved all the track and field events and ran with all her heart - never won a ribbon but loved the running.
    Have fun today - and a lovely party tonight!

  2. I remember a very memorable field day when I was about 11(many years ago,I'm thrilled I remember that far back..LOL)Those were always fun days for me,as I loved when we had days off..LOL.So it started out real good ,but by noon I was SOOOO sick ,my mom took me to the Dr.'s office(across the street from my house) and he sent me ASAP to the hospital ,and by 5 pm or so I was in the operating room,as they took out my appendix .SO needless to say I will never forget that day!!Hope yours is wonderful, enjoy!!!!!!!!

  3. I loved this post. As old as I am I remember 'field day' at my school. I remember my children and now my grand children sports day. Even the grands are almost all out of the school days. Lovely memories. Thanks

  4. I remember sports day. With only three girls in our class I knew I would always get a bronze ribbon...except for the ball throwing which I would get silver.

    Have fun at your post-sports day party!!

  5. Isn't that odd, I mean how rules are relaxed...I remember the no shorts rule except at Grandma's...hmmm...and I hated sportsday...much rather have Library Day lol
    Great post...

  6. Judy . ..I was always first in my races too . .in grade 5 I could beat the grade 7 girls in the 100 meters. . .which was amazing since i have crazy short legs . ..
    but I too never once thought that sports day might not be fun. . .it was pure exhilaration ..
    Enjoy that post sports day party. You really are a wonderful grammy.

  7. Ohh.. I remember my sports days and of course pedals pushers... the 'capris' before their time!!smile.. I remember the first pair my Mom finally bought me after I begged and begged... they were dark blue with beautiful brass buttons up the side of each pantleg.
    And I don't think I ever wore a pair of shorts to school.. not even on sports day. THAT was the only day I was allowed to wear a pair of pants. We all wore dresses to school in my day - yes.. public school.

    It really is all about perspective isn't it ? The ones who win easily, love the competition...the ones who have their gifts lie in another area feel the pain of being last.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful (in a perfect world, of course) if we could recognize the value of everyone's gifting and make room for everyone to shine?

  8. I can relate to so many of the posts that you write. I think maybe we had somewhat similar childhoods from what you share on your posts. For a time I was the only one in my class that could not wear shorts and I had to wear petal pushers too. I smiled when I read that part, although it was not a real good memory for me. Our family rules changed after that too. And I will always cheer for the child at the back of the race.

  9. This past week my sister and I drove by the school we attended as children and talked about sports day. She had long legs that took her to the front of the pack, but my little legs usually kept me nearer to the back of the pack. I feel for your little one who is apprehensive about the race. I would lay awake looking forward to the new outfit my Mom lovingly sewed for me, the hot dogs and the icecream.....oh but that running race brought butterflies and often afew tears. None the Mom cheered me on and praised my efforts as only a Mom can do. Somehow all 4 of us kids wore ribbons on the way home. Mine was usually won because my bike was so nicely decorated, while the others took home ribbons for their skills on the field. My sister and I laughed together as we thought of how each stage of life brings with it new challenges and accomplishments. You had a perfect day to cheer on the kids. Enjoy your party too. Kathy

  10. Have a wonderful time with them all. How nice to acknowledge each of them for their efforts! Important too!

    Where does the time go, right?

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  11. I didnt like sports days at all, always finished near the back of the race!
    Have a lovely time with them all at the party!

  12. What nice memories. I remember wearing pedal pushers. Now I'm wearing them again but calling them capris. :-)

  13. Oh yes...sports day. Grin...every mother has a story....and every child has a memory to be sure! Positive or Bad! Grin....well, as I used to say to my is only once a year...once a year.

  14. Such a cute photo!

    I can't wait to watch my grandson play in a sport someday Judy. My son played soccer and baseball and I know he'll have his son involved in at least one!

    My school gym uniform was a dress with bloomers attached underneath funny! :-)


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