Tuesday, November 3, 2009

family fun in the sun...

So what could we possibly find to do for a week out in the desert...at a resort that lies next to a golf course...if we don't golf? Good question. Let me tell you.

We have returned to this same resort on several occasions...and always find it a wonderful relaxing spot to vacation. There are many places nearby to explore...but the days come and go and we barely leave the resort. With large pools...a lazy river...plenty of books....and good company...why not just stay put?

It was fun having kids and grands join us for a week. They found many ways to amuse themselves...and us.

With Uncle Tim's assistance...the girls staged a water circus performance one afternoon. Ryder was happy to entertain cousin Maelyn.

For the most part...the days were about floating down the lazy river...reading at the pool...and eating. It was a good time!

One evening we packed up and went out for supper...

...after all Heidi had a birthday that needed celebrating.

Maelyn's cousins worked on the 'happy birthday song' with her earlier in the day...and I'm sure she sang it for mommy many times over.

After dinner...we stopped by the Indio night market. We were among the few non-Hispanics there that evening...

...but the guys found they could make purchases even if the vendor had no idea what it was they were asking him. An interpreter from a neighbouring stall came to the rescue...and the truck accessory in question was soon in the bag.

Emme and Spencer found just what they wanted...and the price was right.

Never mind that it was hot...they could hardly wait to wear their new boots.

All too soon it was time to bid farewell to our desert oasis...

...as the kids had plans to spend some time in the 'happiest place on earth' before catching their flights back home. I'll take you there soon...maybe tomorrow.
Have a great Tuesday...


  1. And a fine Birthday Celebration it was! And topped off by new boots? Priceless!

  2. That holiday had all the best ingredients - sun, water, lounge chairs and little ones to entertain the big ones. Who would have had time to golf?!

  3. That does look like the perfect family resort. .Your little kids all look like have a ball together. .I love the boots. And no guys going golfing? It really was perfect.

  4. Ha! Love the circus antics and the girls look great in those boots. It always makes me chuckle to see young people wearing those in Southern Cal...

  5. What a great time, to be together with your family is the best of memories! So happy for you.

  6. You are so blessed! Palm springs has been just that ... what you described ... to our family too. I just have one question ... why are only the guys reading books? Oh, and Ryder is just a hoot!
    So Heidi came to to move ... or how did they move if they were on holidays?

  7. Your vacation photos look like you had a very good time - sun, water, and playful fun.
    I found your blog through Pondside whom I met briefly in person a couple of weeks ago. My parents and brother and his family live in Chilliwack and I have enjoyed browsing through your blog seeing familiar sights through your camera lens.
    And I also realized that my mother is a fan of your other blog "Mennonite Girls Can Cook." Ah, the connections!


  8. That is exactly my kind of vacation: family, swimming, reading, eating ~ perfect!

  9. is there a better way to holiday?
    that looked perfect.......only i bet you wish, you could all be there....

  10. How blessed you all are, that you all enjoy being together and you get to spend quality, relaxing, vacation time together in the sun. What a nice looking family you have. Your grandchildren will never forget these times spent together. I know because I listen to my grown girls talking. Beautiful pictures!

  11. Ohh.. looks like you all suffered!! happily!

    I smiled when I saw the boots..Spencer's were the exact ones my granddaughter picked out and I bought for her!

    Vacations with family are the best ones. Memory makers.

  12. That is a lovely resort Judy! I can see why it has become a favorite vacation spot. My husband plays golf and when he does I go shopping ..lol..that way we are both happy.

    Emme and Spencer's boots are very stylish and will keep their feet snug and warm all winter.

    Happy belated birthday to Heidi!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson