Saturday, November 7, 2009

a new grandson to love...

It's a boy!

He was born yesterday...late afternoon...
November 6th...
and weighed in at 9 pounds 14 ounces!

Kris & Lisa and big sister Ranen are thrilled!

His name is Micah...and it suits him just fine!

I happened to have a little inside information...
and so the blankee for the new baby was in the proper colour.

It just got finished in the nick of time...
with the last round completed as our road-trip came to an end last week.

And as I went to package it yesterday morning...
I noticed yarn ends that still needed to be woven in.

So I did my last minute weaving...
and was reminded of the verse in Psalm 139:13...

For You formed my inward parts;
You wove me in my mother's womb.

We are so thankful to God for our grandson who is 'fearfully and wonderfully made'.

And how special to meet him when he was brand new to the world!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sending my congrats to Kris and Lisa...and grandma & grandpa too ;)

  2. Congratulations to you all! Beautiful boy!

  3. Thanks for the photo! Please pass on my congratulations to Kris and Lisa! Ranen will be fun to watch with her new brother - and I'm sure the cousins will be, too!

  4. I had a few extra seconds and was scrolling down through my blog, when I saw that you had posted. I saw blue, and I was excited! Congratulations to you and your wonderful family! I do like the name they chose, and I am discovering once again just how special little boys are. You are a beautiful grandma!!!

  5. Congratulations! and 'welcome' to Micah...lovely name and beautiful little boy (or not so little) Grandma looks pretty good too!

  6. Oh Micah is just so darling. . .and it looks like he just may be blessed with gorgeous hair like his mommy. . .

    OH Congratulations all around. . .I praise God for the arrival of such a healthy child.

  7. Oh Judy how wonderful. That is just a blessing to hold that new baby. Just came to us from God. I also enjoyed the field trip and the story of your ancestors. A couple of years ago I started to search for my husband's grandparents, who his father had never known. My FIL was an orphan. But with the help of the local genealogy group and I found the whole story. I have made booklets for all my children with this information and I am so glad I did. Folks slip away sometimes before all that info is gotten. I enjoyed your blog a lot today.

  8. Oh how wonderful! A new little life to cuddle.


  9. How wonderful! much fun to have grandsons! Congratulations.

  10. Children are a blessing from the Lord ... even if they are grand-children!

  11. The world just got a bit better I think...what a nice hefty armful to love!

    Blessings on all of you.

  12. Beautifully spoken by a Grammy whose heart is full! What a blessed little boy he is to have a mom, dad, sister and lots of extended family to love and care for him. Love the name!

  13. Congratulations to the little family as well as to the grandparents. He looks just beautiful. What excitement this must be for the little cousins as have a little boy join their fun!

  14. Congratulations Judy! What a wonderful weekend you must be having. Nothing like meeting a new grandchild for the first time. I am so happy for all of you.

  15. Congratulations Judy! and to the rest of the family as well. what a blessing!

  16. Congratulations to all of you - what a wondrous gift from God.

  17. Congratulations! He is an adorable baby boy. Enjoy!

  18. Yay! Congratulations to Kris & Lisa, and you too!

  19. Sorry I am so late to see these wonderful photos and give you my congratulations, Judy! Micah is truly a beautiful healthy boy...may he grow strong in God's love always!

  20. Didn't want to miss sending my congratulations from California. A precious little blessing you are holding. We like you did will head home in a few weeks to await the arrival of our next little on. Your post has me really looking forward to that. What joy! SSGK

  21. Ahhhh, I missed out on congratulating you on the birth of Micah. What a beautiful big boy! I'm wearing my grin today even if I am celebrating a few months late.


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