Thursday, November 19, 2009

the window seat...

The storms have been rolling through all week...and our power supply has been been rather unreliable.

Ranen found the perfect spot for an afternoon nap at grammy's...a window seat with a front row view of the storm. She was quite intrigued with the seagulls...swooping and sailing in the wind.

We spent a lot of time on the window seat...since the lights went out right after I took these pictures...and it was the brightest spot we could find to read books during the storm.

We have a little generator...which needs to be started manually...and will run the pump which keeps the water out of our basement crawl space. The one who needs to start the generator was over at the farm tending to things in the storm...while here at our house the water continued to rise...very quietly. We now have an exceptionally clean basement.

Playing games by candlelight sounds like fun...dealing with water where it shouldn't be, not so fun!

Enjoy the day...


  1. I love that window seat and the candlelight!
    The water that is a not a good thing. Glad that it is all taken care of.

  2. Those photos make me wonder about where I could fit a window seat at our place. We're still experiencing the high winds, so you may be in for more too!

  3. I certainly hope the sump pump has done it's job now and the water is all gone...I know how you feel...luckily it's something I don't worry with now!
    my veri word is comfi...

  4. I love window seats and had Andy build one in our bedroom. There is something about a window seat that makes me want to bring out a cozy blanket, a book and a cup of tea.

    I also love the three birds in your banner picture. Just like the three dots we bloggers sometimes use...

  5. :0) Love that window seat!! What sweet times with your grandkids. I did gather our flashlights and one battery operated lantern just in case yesterday but we managed to keep our power. We too have a basement that gets clean every once in a while...

  6. What a well placed window seat to watch the changing seasons and the weather.

    We have been having storms too. Torrential rain (flooding in places) and very high gusty winds.

  7. It made me wonder how the crawl space is doing over at my brother and sister in laws who have been sending me regular updates about their wonderful time in the sunshine at Palm Springs. . .

    A nice clean basement floor and a cozy window seat with such a darling girl .. .a perfect storm.

  8. What a perfect place for napping and watching the storms and the gulls. Wonderful! She'll never forget that.

    may the water level behave itself and the generator keep running when you need it!

  9. So sorry to hear about the bad storms going by your way, Judy. It's never fun to be without electricity, or have a flood in the basement.

    I love the window seat view of the storm...I'm sure Ranen felt safe watching it with you!


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