Friday, November 13, 2009

grammy's picks...

Christmas may be just around the corner...and some have their decorating well under way...

...but over here I'm still putting fresh dahlias on the table and am not really in the Christmas mode just yet.

Yesterday was just a beautiful day...and so I made sure I spent a little time there is nothing but rain in the forecast for the rest of the week.

I'm thinking about Christmas...and making gift lists...and thought I might just pass along a few suggestions for those of you who have children to buy for. I like to have games, toys and videos on hand that my grands enjoy when they come to I'll give you a few of my favorites.

#1. Blokus (ages 5 to adult)

I've played this with the granddaughters and they really like it...but mostly I play it with my hubby...and it's a great game! The object is to get rid of all of one's playing pieces (impossible) and to block the other player(s) in the process. It is the most celebrated game of the 21st century (so they say)...and is the winner of a 'Mensa Select' award. It's fun...and it's good for you!

#2. Uno Attack (also called Uno Extreme)

If you like playing's a variation with a twist. Instead of drawing cards from a pile, players press a button on the card shooter, which shoots out a random amount of cards. Ryder has no idea how to play Uno, but loves pushing the button!

#3. Cedarmont Kids ~ CDs and DVDs (for the pre-schoolers)

These are my favorite 'grammy videos'...and the grandkids love them. I'm thinking they were not made yesterday...but they have real kids singing old favorites and are a great teaching tool. I have a number of them...and have given them as baby shower gifts. Maelyn loves her Action Bible Songs video...and knows the song about Zaccheus word for word. Check them out at your Christian Bookstore...or on-line.

Those are my picks of the day. Have a wonderful weekend...whatever is on your list!


  1. Great idea to post your favourites! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your dahlias are so pretty Judy! Beautiful photo of your view, too.
    Thanks for the tips. I'd only heard of Uno from this list :0)

  3. Your dahlias are gorgeous! We're having a streak of sunny, fairly warm weather for Nov. and I'm enjoying it immensely esp since Oct was mostly rain!

    I'm going to check out Blokus and Extreme Uno - we love to play games when the whole crew gets together.

    Happy weekend Judy!

  4. I must say I'm drawn to that Uno Attack..I'm with Ryder..I'd like to press the button!
    Those dahlias are gorgeous, Judy..I'd be hard pressed to find any blooms outdoors..maybe a weed?
    Great game ideas.

  5. Happy Friday, Judy.

    Your dahlias are beautiful. Dahlias are one of my favorites. I only have one type, but hope to plant more.

    I haven't started decorating for Christmas either.

  6. Ohh .. thank you Judy.. I think I'll put that Blokus game on my list. It looks like fun.

    And I enjoyed your 'birthday' post too.. since it is birthday weekend for my granddaughter as well.
    Your girls are soo pretty.. and little Micah looks sweet from the back ! smile

  7. Nice preparation for the christmas. Even I would love to keep Dahlias in a vase on centre table. It looks cool :) Your front porch looks good. Keep on posting...!

  8. Thank you for the game and video suggestions! Since I'm going to be a first-time grandma in April, I'm writing down all these great ideas from experts like you!

  9. Your dahlias are so pretty. I haven't had luck in growing them. I just may have to put Blokus on my Christmas gift list. I learned about Apples to Apples in blogdom and it has become a family favorite.

  10. Your wealth of information, has certainly proven helpful to me. I am not familiar with Blokus, but I know we would like that one, but the last suggestion is the one I am most excited about. My daughter and her children spend lots of time in their van. The children love to sing. Thank you so much for helping me with my Christmas list.

    I would be so happy to have a bouquet of Dahlias, on my kitchen table. They are beautiful!

  11. Judy. .thank you for those ideas. .I'll be particularly happy to look for that dvd since I am running out of my memory bank of the old sunday school songs.
    The other day I wanted to sing the Zaccheus song and I kept stopping and the blank look I recieved in response made me laugh .. .even grandgirlie knew I was lost.

  12. I love games, and blockus is one we're getting Arianna for Christmas. They have game night every Wednesday! Your flowers are looking "just bloomed" pretty...lucky you!

  13. Love your picks . . . the dahlias and the suggetions. Always good to have something to plug into when you spot those items in the store.

  14. Wonderful suggestions Judy! It will be awhile till my grandson can play games but I've already dusted off some of the Fisher Price toys I saved from his Daddy and I have a few games I've saved also. MY son loved playing with "Memory" cards. They are about 50 cards with 25 sets of animals. They are all turned over and everyone playing has a chance to turn over two. The object is to make an identical set which you keep and the one with the most sets wins. As you play you will remember where each animal is so it becomes easier as you go along. He started to play that game at 3 years old and was so good at it!


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