Monday, November 23, 2009

is that for real?

The fireplace? Fake.

The rockwork? Fake.

The candles? Fake.

I found remote controlled...
battery operated candles for the mantle over the weekend...
and was thrilled.

They will be much safer.

As I put them up on their lofty perches...
I had to think that pretty much everything here is fake.

But the mantle is real...
real hundred-year-old fir from our old barn...
as is the floor.

And the hearth is real slate...
and on it is a real New Zealand Ikea sheepskin.

And my mantle is empty...
ready for greenery...maybe that will be real.

Coming soon!

Oh...and the fake pillar candles are were at Home Sense..
if you need some.

Have a REAL good Monday...


  1. It may be fake (some of it) but it sure is beautiful.

  2. Not only do you have a gift for storytelling, you have a gift for creating a cozy home. Hopefully the storms are done for a while.

  3. Home Sense seems to have a lot of unique stuff. Sure looks like really nice fake stuff:)

  4. That is the loveliest fake stuff I've ever seen :0)
    So inviting.
    I think your Home Sense is what our HomeGoods is here in the states, part of the TJmaxx family...
    Washington doesn't have Home Goods yet but it sounds like they might be coming to Portland...

  5. I'm still checking out your cushions. Did I already tell you that I like them? =)
    Cozy Home...

  6. Fake is good sometimes...but I love the old fashioned hearth that you have and that stone work.
    Fake greenery???

  7. It looks so cozy and inviting, that one does not care if it all is fake or not. What a beautiful fireplace and mantle. Wishing you and your family many enjoyable hours together in front of the fireplace this winter.

  8. If you didn't tell me, I would never have guessed that there were so many "fakes" in your photo. It looks like the real deal and it looks very warm and cozy too. I have heard of battery operated candles, but remote controlled candles is a new one to me.

  9. It's all real .. .unless you are totally awesome with photoshop and popped it in the picture for our amazement.
    I love your mantle. How very special to have a beam that once held a roof over your loved ones.
    Your home is so cozy and warm.

  10. The most important thing in that room is very real !!
    The photographer !! smile..
    Beautiful,room, Judy !! Very inviting and warm!

  11. Judy, you gave me a big smile with this post. Fake or real - it looks beautiful.

    And, I know you are the real thing. ♥

  12. Looks fabulous, and family "beam" is perfect. I'm so digging the fake flickering tea light candles too. No more "did I remember to blow them all out?" moments as we head to bed at night.

  13. Judy I would never have thought that this was a fake fireplace! The fire looks so real! I have a small fake fireplace and it not only looks fake it is noisy! I think the motor that revolves the flames is defective :-( I've always wanted a real fireplace but this will have to do.

    I bought battery operated tea light for Halloween and I also really liked them for the safety factor. I like your remote control candles. Your living room looks very warm and welcoming!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson