Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday's knit picks...

It's 'show & tell' here today...and all about knitting! Way back when...I was the lucky winner of Knitting Mania's 100th post give-away...hand knit wristlets.

If you go back to her will notice that she had them displayed on a beautiful antique glass hand. (And check out all her felted purses while you are visiting...amazing work!) My intention was to find exactly that hand...and have them as part of the bedroom decor. After checking antique stores...and every other place I could think of...I gave up on my vintage hand. It my not be antique...but my daughter found a hand that works just Eddie's Hang-ups...a place that specializes in display fixtures for stores. So...after many one-of-a-kind hand-knit by Christina vintage wristlets have found the perfect resting place. I think they are actually meant to be worn...and would match my cream coloured jacket quite nicely...but I quite like them where they are. Thanks so much, Knitting Mania!

And, in my favorite knit-pic of the week...

...Maelyn is wearing her mommy's dress, and it fits her just fine. It was hand-knit by Grandma Baerg for Heidi about thirty years ago. After all these years in the cedar's finding a new life. How special is that?

The grands have been here this week...and Emme spent some time working on her knitting...

...on a knifty-knitter, which is rather like a giant spool knitting loom. We pulled her first little project off the loom last night...

...a hat, which is perfect for a very small head...or a teddy bear. What fun!

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Love that hat!
    I've just cast off a blanket that I've knit for my first grand niece or nephew, who is due next week. It had been a long time since I'd knit anything, but I was inspired by the blue blanket you showed me that you'd crocheted for your newest grand. I went to Walmart the next day and bought the yarn and set to work in the hotel! I'll have to post a photo.

  2. Oh well done on the hat Emme. It looks wonderful.
    I love the little knit dress handed down from Mommy to baby Maelyn .. .it is just darling.
    Your knit wristlets are wonderful. I love your hand display .. how perfect is that?

  3. Too Funny...I ran to Mary's Wool shop yesterday finding some new things....and they always help me out when I'm in a bind...
    I love that little dress...So cute.

  4. What cute knit picks, no wonder they are your favorites..I esp noticed the beautiful dress..or is it the sweet little girl wearing it:)

  5. I was trying to show my granddaughter how to do the knitting spool, but I totally forgot how. I'm truly hopeless if I cant' even to that!!!
    Good job on the hat there!

  6. That is wonderful that the dress is brought to use again. I admire the fact you kept looking for the perfect display stand. That is really sharp. I have never even tried to knit. Have crochet for years.

  7. The wristlets on the hands...what a clever decorating accent. So unique.

    A little blue knitted dress that spent years in the hope chest, never dreamt it would again look so cute on an adorable cute!!!

    I am learning from you. Your grandchildren are a few years ahead of mine, so thanks for the ideas.

  8. Great work on all the items.

    I learned to knit at five, and spool knit too. Dear daughter didn't really get into it until her friends started having babies. Better late than never.

    Every child should learn to spool knit...and while I totally dig the huge plastic tool, using a real spool with brass nails hammered into the top is always good as a "take along" craft to keep children quietly busy when needed!

  9. Maelyn looks so beautiful in her Mommy's heirloom dress!

    I used a knitting spool like Emme's when I was a child, and my daughter also had one. They were engaging toys.

    The wristlets look pretty on their display hands...very decorative!

  10. Judy the hand is simply elegant...I really like the black against the cream and green wristlet. Your so creative!!! Thank you so much for the recognition. I do wish you slip them on one day and wear'll never take them off...LOL!

    Your other knit picks are amazing, that darling little dress and hat.

    What a sweet post!!! Sorry it took me so long to get over here.


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