Thursday, November 12, 2009

just clowning around...

We took advantage of the statutory holiday and called the family together for a honour of two girls who had a birthday that needed celebrating. Since I happened to know they were having a birthday party with their school friends later on in the afternoon...and their guest of honour would be a clown...

...I made them each a clown cake for the occasion. Let's just say one needs to get up very early in order to decorate two cakes and prepare brunch for the whole gang by 10:30 am. The clowns were going to have curly hair...but there just was not time to fuss with hair...and so it was straight.

One of the birthday girls didn't feel much like 'clowning around'...she woke up a little under the weather. But by afternoon...and with the help of a spoonful of medicine...she was game to move along to the next party.

In keeping with the theme...someone knew exactly what these girls needed for their birthday...

...they each got a boxful of magic tricks. They were honing their skills in no time...we will need to beware of what's up their sleeve from here on in.

Oh yes...and Cousin Micah came to his first birthday party. He didn't care much about the food...or the magic...but seemed to enjoy being passed from one set of arms to another.

Later in the afternoon...I just happened to pop in next door with camera in see what a birthday party with seventeen grade three girls looks like.

Everything was under control...and a balloon-tying clown was keeping them all entertained. It was a birthday they will remember!

Happy Thursday...


  1. wow, what a party! Happy birthday to the two beautiful girls. Great Clown Caking around, Judy! I like straight hair myself...

  2. Girl! Those cakes are fabulous!! You had brunch and two cakes done by 10:30? Those are some serious skills you've mastered :0)
    Sweet grandchildren you have to enjoy...

  3. Great job with the cakes. It pays to be flexible, for sure. That is a neat idea for a gift. The magic kits. What fun. Happy birthday to two beauties.

  4. I always enjoy reading about the special things you do to make memorable family times. This post takes the cake. :-)
    Your cakes are so adorable and happy looking. What a nice way to make two little girls feel so special and loved. I was glad to hear that one of the birthday girls was feeling better as the day wore on. The clown party looks too fun to miss. Happy Birthday to both of them.

  5. Oh what a lot of fun. . the cakes are so cute and I was thinking you'll need to add a sidebar label. . .birthday cakes so we can easily come to copy.

    It warmed my heart to see baby Micah with his beautiful mommy. . .just wonderful to see that smile.

  6. You are so talented! Those cakes are masterpieces. So beautifully done! Your granddaughters must have been thrilled to so much love and attention.

    Your daughter-in-law and grandson must have added even more joy to the festivities. My grandsons have that same little outfit that he has on.

    Family joys are a real blessing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Twinsie party planning and TWO cakes to make! Fun clowns you've got there Judy..both cakes look great.

  8. Beutiful cakes! I dont' know how you were going to curl their hair, but the clowns look perfect the way they are! So special that you can enjoy and be a part of your grandchildren's lives!

  9. You came back from your vacation and jumped right into action. What a nice Grammy you are!

  10. What fun! I love the clown cakes you made for Emme and Spencer, Judy! It looks like an 8th birthday they will always remember!

  11. After many years of 'boy birthday parties' I was thrilled to find out that 'girl parties' were so much fun. The girls all 'got into' the activities and saw them all through, decorating flowerpots or making jewellry - what a revelation!


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