Monday, November 2, 2009

we came home to this...

It always feels good to drive into the yard when we return from vacation. As we turned into the driveway...

...we noticed that many of the leaves on our red sunset maples had turned while we were away.

And then we both saw it... the middle of the long row of trees lay the casualty of the previous night's storm. No...not again! We lost one last October in a windstorm and went to great lengths to try to replace it with one of similar size.

Now here we are once the market for a red sunset maple...height about 18 feet. Soon we will own shares in the garden shop!

As for the grapes...they withstood the wind and the birds...and were awaiting my return. There's nothing like eating grapes right off the vine.

We were nicely unpacked from our trip, when our first and only 'treaters' arrived. I was waiting...since they are my first trick-or-treaters each and every year on October 31st.

How could one not be tempted to fill their goody bags with sweet surprises? Minnie, Barney and their Cowgirl Sis were on their way up the hill to join uncles, aunts and cousins at a pizza party...

...and so we joined them there. Ranen was the perfect little ladybug when we arrived...but we rather spoiled her costume by bringing her a souvenir from Disneyland...which she insisted she wear rather than her ladybug antennae. Maelyn was the cutest little chick...and had the chick noises down pat. Even the big kids got in on the they took the munchkins 'trick-or-treating' in the nieghbourhood. Lisa found an appropriate costume...and never strayed too far from her chair. She is our 'lady-in-waiting'...and one of these days, I will have an announcement to share.

As for today...where was I? It's time to get back in the groove.

Have a great Monday...


  1. Oh I am sorry about your tree. . that is an expensive little break. I'm sure the garden store loves those wind storms.

    Your little visitors were all so cute. I was going to say I had that chicken come to my house last year. .but you know those chickens. .they all kind of look the same. . upon closer inspection. .no. .not the chicken we had. .close but different.

    Welcome Home!

  2. What a shame about the tree - I hate to lose them too. I hope the garden centre remembers you and gives you a break! Those grapes look good - do you think there might be one or two left this evening?

  3. I'm sorry about your tree - we've lost quite a few around our house - it always makes me feel sad.

    What a lovely bunch of grapes - I'd like to plant a grapevine. We can grow them here although our season is shorter than yours out west.

    Your treaters are so cute!! What fun.

  4. Welcome back! It's always good to get home again. Too bad about that tree. Those grapes looks so good and healthy!
    What fun to have these special treaters come to your door. We had only 2. Love the little chick outfit!!
    Hope your "getting back in the groove" recovery goes well. :0)

  5. Welcome home, Judy!

    Your grands look so cute in their Halloween costumes! I laughed at Lisa's costume ... so imaginative! I look forward to hearing the happy news!

    So sorry about the the you lost in the windstorm! I hope you are able to find the same size tree to replace it. When they are all fully grown you will have a wonderful shady driveway.

    Baseball has certainly been a distraction at our home this past couple of weeks ...hopefully a win tonight will end the season on a good note for New York! :-)

  6. Sorry about the tree but what a lovely welcome from your is always good to get away but also good to arrive home again..especially if family are waiting. Looking forward to hearing of your 'arrival'!

  7. Thanks for sharing Judy the grands are adorable.

    Sooo sorry about the tree. That is heart breaking.

  8. Oh Judy, I'm sorry about your tree! We had to replace one of our big trees twice ... the second time it died. Not fun ... but you don't want to just leave a hole there.

  9. Thanks for the pics! I salute Lisa - not a lot of dress-up done in that condition!

  10. I know that disappointing feeling when you realize you've lost a tree from the storms. It has happened to us, and as crazy as it seems, I treasure some of my favorite trees.

    What adorable visitors you had. How nice that you have family around you,and cousins who are friends.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson