Monday, November 16, 2009

skipping the main course...

What exactly are you looking at?

It's a doubt about it! A butterfly that won first place in a competition with this entry over the weekend...a butterfly that even had a smile for this photographer.

Emme was in a competitive skipping competition on the weekend...about a half hour drive from here. Since it started early Saturday morning...and was slated to go until late afternoon...I thought I would pop by after lunch and see some fabulous skipping. How disappointed I was to find there was only one event left when I arrived...and that had little to do with skipping and everything to do with art. (That is to be expected when the event is held in a school bearing the name of Robert Bateman...Canada's acclaimed wildlife artist.)

The one and only event that I witnessed was a fun event to end off the day...where each team sent four of their 'skippers' to use the materials they were given (mostly skipping ropes) to create a replica of a person, insect or animal of their choice on the assigned canvas. Emme's team really 'thought outside the box'...and discovered she fit 'inside the box' and so they used her in their creation. The judges had no trouble in awarding the first-place trophy for the mystery event to Emme's team.

That being over...I stayed for the award presentations for all the events that I had missed. There were skipping teams entered from various parts of British Columbia and some from the USA...and these kids really know how to skip. I sure wish I could have seen them in action! But instead, I watched them receive their ribbons...and cheered them on.

I was thinking it was sort of like having dessert...and missing the main course. But next time...I'll be sure to have the 'full meal deal'!

I'll just leave you with a few images of the life-like wolves that lined the walls of the gym.

I don't think Robert Bateman himself would be painting on gym walls...

...but someone really knew how to make them look real!'s back to the Pacific Coast Highway...and a tour of Hearst Castle.

Have a great Monday...


  1. A very cute butterfly! I'm alsways amazed at the creativity kids have when given the opportunity. I think we weren't given too many in our day.
    Have you ever seen the skipping team that skips to music? I think they are a dance team from Abbotsford.

  2. Great job Emme..that is one neat butterfly:)

  3. Congratulations to Emme and her team for that very creative work of art! And she got to be a butterfly without having to be a caterpillar first!

  4. I was right...creativity does run in your family. What an ingenious idea. I am impressed. I always enjoy Robert Bateman's artistic talent. How fortunate you are to see his work up close.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow's post, because I thought I would like to see that castle someday.

  5. Creative indeed! The butterfly is wonderful.


  6. I'm sorry you missed seeing most of the skipping competition, but I'm glad you got there in time to see Emme's team win for their cute butterfly idea!

    Those wolves do look realistic! I was lucky enough to see a large black wolf and his pack this summer in Yellowstone National Park. I saw them safely from a distance through another park guest's powerful telescope --the only way I'd ever want to see a wolf. They were much larger than I would have imagined.

  7. I smiled. .an artist everywhere I look today. . a sculpture and now wall art. .very cute and how clever too.


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