Monday, November 9, 2009

heirlooms and heirs...

In days gone by, it seemed of utmost importance that there was a son in the family to carry on the good name. And so it was that two brothers both hoped they would bear a son…as they were the end of the line. The year was 1945. One brother had three lovely daughters and it seemed his family was complete. The other brother had no children whatsoever…and time was slipping away. So it was with great joy, that the second brother and his wife gave birth to a child…and it happened to be a boy. Hans Eric was born on November 11, 1945…and there was great rejoicing in the family. The celebration was short-lived, however…as two days later their newborn son was called home to heaven. And so it seemed that this particular branch of the family tree had no sons to carry the name forward. What a surprise when some four years later, the first brother and his wife welcomed a son and heir into their home. That would be my husband!

I always found it quite amusing how his aunts treated him with such high regard…the 'name bearer'. And so when our first son was born they rejoiced that the name would be carried on. The aunt who lost her son when he was two days old brought us a gift… along with a card that was given to them the day their son was born.

How special…a card that is now 64 years old.

Oh yes…and as for that good name…we now have two grandsons that have the obligation and the privilege of carrying it with them. My prayer is that they will honour those who have gone before…and most of all, that their lives will be a blessing to the One who made them.

As for the most recent heir...he lies quite contentedly in his sister's lap...totally unaware of the name he carries!

Have a great day...


  1. Our two sons are the only ones to carry on my husband's family name. My father has 7 grandsons that will carry on his name. What a lovely post sharing some history. Sweet photo of big sister holding her little brother. Blessings...

  2. Judy, what a beautiful post and what a wonderful woman you are to be so sensitive to the family's heart of passing on the name. It occured to me that many women would look at the card . .tuck it away and never ever think of it again. Not you. . this says so much about you me and I admire you greatly.
    May this little boy who bears the family name. . be like you in the things that matter most.

  3. Congratulations, Judy - we are so happy for your family, grandsons are such a blessing (as are the granddaughters) and we are praising God with you for this little one's safe arrival.

  4. Congratulations on your new grandson, Judy! What wonderful news! I know of your family's excitement as my son was the only one to carry on my husband's last name and now his son will carry it forth. Tradition is still very important and gratifying.

    Many blessings to baby and his sister and parents and to all.

    Hugs, Pat

  5. What a cute photo of Ranen with her little brother!

  6. Vintage cards are so wonderful on so many levels.

    Family names do end...all the names on my Mother's side of the family have ended, and also now on my Dad's. Single sons for generations finally ended the lines.

    I am happy for you and your family!

  7. I appreciate your love of history! A friend has collected many, many of those vintage baby announcements from throughout her family. They are such fun to look at. I did a post about it a few years ago. Today I guess a lot of young moms simply email the news--or some form of online announcement.

  8. So very special!! A little boy carrying on a name, a legacy and a heritage. Tears, joys, patience, and rejoicing took place for years before this little one came along. What stories he will hear and what memories his name will evoke. Love the last picture! This is quite a meaningful post!

  9. A special card - I can't imagine the loss of the mother who passsed it on!
    And you have a double blessing there!! May they continue to make it a good name... worth more than gold.

  10. Congratulations on your new grandson. That is a precious picture of big sister holding her new little brother. Such a beautiful story you tell of carrying on the family name and how wonderful to have kept that baby card for all these years.

  11. Such a lovely post Judie. SSGK


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