Friday, February 26, 2010

about town 2010...

This is not about athletes or venues...but about Olympic trivia...and some of the people behind the scenes...all part of the 2010 Winter Games celebration.

Kudos to the volunteers! I'm thinking it would be next to impossible to get lost in Vancouver during the games... they are giving directions at every corner along the way.

And they all have a smile...

...and sometimes even a joke. Now if I could only remember what it was!

No matter what country they may come from...

...they wear their colours proudly.

We had a little wait to be seated in a restaurant...but passed the time away chatting with this couple from Cologne, Germany. They spoke English perfectly...but we had to try out our pathetic German on them...just for fun! They were having the time of their life...and vowed to one day return to Canada.

Next to Canadian seemed the Russian Olympic gear is the most popular. Russia will be hosting the next winter Olympics...and so they are in Vancouver in full force...checking it all out...and promoting their upcoming games.

Oh...and trying out the hotdogs as well!

There has been a little controversy about the seems some are not that fond of the green bouquets that the athletes are receiving. I...on the other hand...quite like them! And I really like the story behind them. They are made of green hypericum berries, green spider mums and leatherleaf fern, monkey grass and aspidstra leaves....hand-tied with a simple royal blue ribbon.

The bouquets come from Just Beginnings Flowers in Surrey, British Columbia. Their entry was chosen from 58 contending florists. June Strandberg, the bouquet designer and owner of Just Beginnings, teaches floristry to women who have left prison, are recovering from addiction, or have been victims of violence. She believes it is her work with these correctional programs that secured the Olympic contract.

For the Vancouver Olympics the florists made 1,800 be presented to the medal-winning athletes in the Olympics and Paralympics. The flowers were chosen to represent British Columbia and Canada (are all flowers that are grown here), and are intended as keepsakes for the athletes.

And the entertainment at every corner is amazing. I have no idea where this band hailed from...but they kept us entertained while we waited to enter our venue on Sunday. The Sardis high school drum band...from our community...was chosen to play at Whistler during the games...and have been a huge hit. We have seen their story on television several times now...and they have invitations pouring in from far and wide. What an opportunity of a lifetime for these students.

And then there are the zamboni machines. The ones we saw did a fine job...with no meltdowns! It's not until the ice-cleaning machines malfunction that one realizes how important they are to the games.

Today we are off to the new Richmond speed skating oval...with tickets in hand. I'm looking forward to seeing the venue...since a good family friend was very involved in it's design.

He also designed the kiosk that stands in front of Canada Place...the welcome centre.

The games are nearing an end...the red mittens will soon be packed away...

...and all the buses on the road will soon be heading back to Wisconsin...or wherever their journey began. But today...we will enjoy!

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Personally, I think you do an excellent job in documentation of an event. You have added so many touches that personalize these Olympics for me. I enjoyed all the inside info that I got from you and Lovella. I will never forget the 2010 Olympics for that reason. Thank you so much! These pictures are great!

  2. Amazing how much there is to see and be a part of during these Olympics..thanks Judy for the little story on the bouquets, I have heard many murmerings on those!
    Tickets in hand? Enjoy to the fullest! I'll be content to watch the happenings from my living room:)

  3. Loved this post Judy with all the behind the scenes information! Have fun....

  4. I'm looking forward to a wonderful day. I agree...those volunteers are out of this world and absolutely helpful...
    I will have a hard time packing my mittens away....they will be get front seat on my mantel for awhile.

  5. My boys only had a day and bit out there but they said it was fantastic. Just walking around the streets and joining the excitement.

    I wondered about the bouquets - a sweet story behind them.

    Enjoy the speed-skating event!

  6. Oh my...are you going downtown again today? Will be a wet and rainy ending to the venues but hey, this IS the west coast n'est pas? You are so good at constant documenting. I wish I could be as good. Have a tons of photos from one day only. Will have to spend time this rainy friday posting. I too love the bouquets by the way!

  7. I have so appreciated all the volunteers. They have certainly done our city proud. I found myself often chatting with them becuase they are so approachable. Even when their shift is over and they are heading home. .they still do their uniform proud.
    I hope you have a fantastic day today. . .I'll be cheering.

  8. Thanks for the great Olympics coverage that includes the little behind-the-scenes commentaries that make things special. Have a wonderful time! Hope you have tickets to the medal rounds on the speed skating today.

  9. The story behind the bouquets adds another level to the enjoyment of watching the presentations. I rather like the look - they are fresh and unique.

    Enjoy your day at the speed skating oval.

  10. I enjoyed seeing more of Vancouver and the events through your eyes, Judy. It has been an outstanding Winter Olympics!

    I actually like the green bouquets! I thought they were very unique. There will always be criticisms in life as it is hard to please everyone.

    Enjoy the speed skating event! I will be in front of my TV watching it! :-)

  11. What a lot of fun you're having with these Games!
    The Great Dane is over there today having fun with Lillypad. They just called from a restaurant to say that they are watching hockey while eating. He'll probably get the midnight ferry home and be very tired tomorrow!

  12. Wow, what a lot you have seen there, and wonderful photos! And now, after just having spent 2 days in Vancouver with my sister, I can say that we have really been to the Olympics, as we happened upon someone on the train who was wishing to sell his tickets to the mens and womens pursuit speed skating which would soon be starting! I did not expect to actually get in to an event, just to experience the excitement, which we certainly did! What a great time we had, with our wonderful aunt to go home to near English Bay, for bed and breakfast (and soup and wine). Dairymary

  13. Thank you for filling us in on the bouquets. Bernie was just wondering why they were as they were; I guessed they were to represent the green/blue color scheme of the Vancouver Olympics, or perhaps a nod to the green laurel leaves of old. The real story is wonderful!

    And kudos to you for highlighting the behind the scenes and support staffers. Love this post Judy!


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