Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dressing for the occasion...

What to wear...always the dilemma! Well...if we have enough loonies in our wallet...we have many options these days.

We could wear any number combinations of blue and green...official Vancouver 2010 gear.

Or...one can't go wrong with red and white. Just drape yourself in a Canadian flag and you are ready to go...almost anywhere these days.

And then there are are favorite Vancouver teams we might want to support as well...so blue is good.

But with all those options...there is still one other that seems to be big this year.

The all-Canadian Indian sweater (can I still call it that?) that we all wore three decades ago...

...seems to be making a big comeback. I knit one for hubby back in the day...

...but my mom knit more than I can count. This very fuzzy copy-of-a-copy is just a sampling of the sweaters she churned out (pictured are four siblings and a few in-laws). If you belonged to the family...you had a sweater by mom! And even if you didn't quite belong to the family...but were just visiting...

...you may have gone home with your very own native Indian sweater. While most of our sweaters have long since disappeared...Pierre (who was visiting from Switzerland in 1981) still has his...and sent us this photo to prove it just recently.

If there is one piece of official Vancouver 2010 clothing that I am tempted to purchase it would have to be this sweater...

(photo source)

...the Hudson's Bay version of the original Cowichan sweater. I rather like it! For now...I will wear my red Olympic mittens and my Olympic toque...spring weather and all.

It seems a good day to remember some of the treasures my mom left for us...and to think of the many ways she impacted my life...and to wish she was here to celebrate with us. Today would have been her birthday...her 84th. It's been ten years since we have had a birthday party with mom...but we never forget!

Have a great day...


  1. I love it! The wonderful birght array of colors...It makes everything look so festive!
    I think that you have a new project on your hands...but it might be rather big...with your large family.
    I had two of those sweaters, and now I see them hanging in my girls closets...they are totally vintage.

  2. I love all the pictures of the Olympic gear. I thought that you and Marg looked perfect in your white jackets and scarves.
    I wonder how many times we celebrated our mom's birthdays on the very same evening over the years. It is so good to remember.
    Maybe I should go up in the attic and see if I can find our Indian Sweaters.

  3. Did I ever tell you my father's way of telling Americans from Canadians at a border town's railroad station? It's so politically incorrect, but here goes. When asked how he could tell, he responded, "All the Canadians wear those ducks and geese and moose patterned sweaters."

    John is sitting right here with me and he'd like to come out there and get one of those sweaters. He's freezing today.

  4. What fun that your Mother did that. I remember here we wore fairisle like that decades ago, but patterns often of Scottish origin. The Swiss friends one looks so warm and it has obviously lasted.

  5. :0) Love that photo with all the sweaters in a row!! Priceless.
    The colors in your first photo would be perfect for a Seattle Sounders game!!

  6. I just found your blog while hopping around. Although, I already have Mennonite girls can cook.
    I just love all the colors for the Olympic apparel and the Canada teams. I wish I could send some of this snow to Vancouver though. I love the sweaters your mom made.
    We will soon be able to enjoy those Olympic games, can't wait :)
    Have a blessed day.

  7. I didn't know about the Indian Sweaters. How fun!

    I saw a truck with a Canadian flag fluttering above it today here in downtown SLC. Thought about (or aboot, depending on how you say it) you all up north.

    Still praying you get a bit of snow...

  8. love the HBC cowichan sweater but not enough to spend that kind of money on it lol

    i have a scarf and mittens, i think i need a shirt too lol. love the bright colors

  9. Tonight we are in the midst of yet another big snowstorm. The second in one week's time. I do wish I was able to share some of it with you. I've seen some of those sweaters in the stores at our malls. How special it is for me to think of your mother making them for your family. What a talented and giving lady she must have been. I think it is kind of you to share her generosity and memories with us. Great photos on this post.

  10. You and your family continue to amaze me. All those amazing sweaters.

    Love that the Swiss guy kept his:)

  11. I just finished watching Samantha Browns Vancouver and Anthony Bourdain on the travel network.

    Just an amazing place, with such an interesting heritage. According to Samantha it all really took off with a bartender called Gassy Jack...haha

    I am planning a trip in my head already. Loved the train to Whistler, and the food. Have you ever had one of those Japadogs?

  12. I love the grouped colour display choices for dressing for the Olypics...
    Mention Indian sweaters and I instantly can smell the wool... I knit soooo many of them .. but never one for me !!

    Judy, you and Lovella both remembering your Mom's birthdays today... how neat!

  13. Those were all lovely sweaters that were knitted by your Mom, Judy. I like the patterns and the love that went into them.

    I own a thick Aran Isle Irish wool sweater that I hope to keep my whole life. It is so warm!

    Happy birthday in heaven to your Mom!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson