Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic stars on ice...

While most people that I knew were gathered around the big screen watching the Canada vs. USA hockey game...

...we were at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver taking in the ice-dance figure skating event. We were definitely in the right was a wonderful evening!

And having the Canadian duo of Virtue and Moir take the top spot nearly brought down the house...and also took a little of the 'ouch' from the outcome of last night's hockey game. We will be watching them tonight...and hoping they come through with a gold for Canada.

Coming in second...were Meryl Davis and Charlie White of the USA.

Placing third were Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabilin...the number one ranked pair from Russia. They put on a nice show...though I wasn't that fond of their costumes or the music they skated to.

Poirier and Crone of Canada.

Christina and William Beier of Germany.

A brother and sister duo representing Japan...Chris and Cathy Reed.

From China... Huang and Seng.

Skating for Great Britain...Penny Coombes and Nicholas Buckland.

Skating for Russia.

Placing fifth in ice dance...and representing Italy.

Crowd favorites...from the USA...Samuelson and Bates.

I so enjoyed this young couple from Russia...she is only nineteen and he is twenty.

Skating for Great American country muisic...were brother and sister Sinead and John Kerr. They placed eighth last night.

Representing France...

...and Israel. By the time I uploaded my pic's...I had a hard time putting names or countries with some of the I'll leave them nameless until I've done my research!

They all did a fabulous job....and we had a most enjoyable three and a half hours!

It was fun watching them as their scores were announced. All their training and hard work...compressed into a few numbers. And they were all such good sports!

We arrived over the period of a few hours...under clear blue skies. We all left at once...under the cover of darkness. And we were all smiling!


  1. So glad that you did this post! I feel as if I may have watched. I didn't. Stupid station was not sending a strong enough signal and we couldn't pull it last night. Talk about frustrating! Yup, Nan and I were quite disappointed. John was fine with it, though. :D

  2. By the time the hockey was over the ice dance was well underway and we missed some of the dancers. The ones we saw, including Virtue and Moir were wonderful. What a thrill it must have been to see them live at the Coliseum! Your mitts and hat are getting a good workout!

  3. Judy, you definately had the best seats yesterday. What a great event to witness. I thought your photography was amazing. .very well done.
    I can't wait to see how we do tonight.

  4. What great shots Judy! This looks like such a fun event to be at.

  5. Sounds like a fun evening..gtreat photos!

  6. And that should have said great photos:)

  7. I love to watch figure skating but we were glued to the exciting hockey game last night! It was a good game for both many of them friends in professional hockey!

    I love all your photos Judy! Al the skaters look so graceful.

  8. Judy, I see you posted this at 5 A.M., just another amazing fact about this blog. I think you did a fantastic job of getting so many photos-each couple represented-and you are so fair to the contestants. You have done a beautiful job in representing Vancouver and Whistler to the rest of the world (who can't all be there, of course) and your hospitality and pleasure shine right through your blog.
    PS. Did you take these pictures from your seat with a telephoto lens?
    Thank you so much for all the time you must have spent doing the mosaics, etc. You are really representing Vancouver beautifully.

  9. What a fantastic post. Thanks for the run down and it looks like you had the best seats of the house....
    The sun shone on you yesterday and it will shine a few more days in our hearts.
    Yes, I saw Canada figure was awesome. I was frozen to my seat.
    Overwhelming results.

  10. we watched the skating after the game and I was so glad to see Virtue and Moir again - plus others - I felt like the skating by so many has gone up a notch from past years. The costumes, the flow of the dances which I can't get over and the variety ... so entertaining!You had the best tickets!

  11. Wonderful - I'm sorry we missed this. I turned the television off after the hockey game. But I'll be watching tonight!
    So great that you could be there in person.

  12. Shoot...I should have been looking in the crowd shots for you.

    Weren't the performances just beautiful? Can't wait to see the next round tonight.

  13. Amazing shots. I am so envious! BUT....I am glued to the TV each night! Wow...

  14. So sorry for all I missed by trying to flick back and forth between Canada's win in hockey (which did not occur, of course) and Canada's win in ice-dance (which is on its way!). Thanks for the great coverage! So glad you had fun!

  15. We had the hockey game on here.
    It must be such a thrill for you to attend these events. Your photographs are outstanding. I will be watching tonight.

  16. I would have been smiling to as I left the building last evening. What a rare opportunity you had to watch this competition. We enjoyed it from our family room, but this would have been so exciting! Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful, up close pictures of these talented couples. I will really miss the Olympics when they are over.

  17. Congrats to the Canadians!

    It was a wonderful show! How great that you were in the audience! I was kind of wondering :)

  18. Congrats to Virtue and Moir for winning the gold medal! I watched it all on TV -- they were wonderful! So graceful and elegant


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