Friday, February 5, 2010

the blooms of winter....

I decided it was time to change my header to something that looked a little more representative of the weather...out with snow and in with spring flowers. After a month of record high temperatures...there are flowers blooming in the garden.

Winter pansies bloom until the winter weather arrives...and need very little encouragement to bloom again in spring. So if we have a warm January...they think it is spring!

The heather has been in full bloom for several weeks as well...

... so I have enjoyed having flowers to bring indoors.

At this time of the year we spot coyotes in our fields on a regular basis...and often hear them nearby at night. For the past while...we have had a most unusual coyote hanging around ...often at breakfast.

He snuck across our yard yesterday morning...stopped to look both ways...and scooted off across the road in a big hurry. We'll see if he comes back this morning...we have breakfast guests awaiting his arrival. Coyotes are abundant in this part of the country...but this is the first black coyote we've seen.

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Love the header...and of course the wonderful and warm weather that we are enjoying. It does certainly make one want to be out and about. It is strange to see the trucks hauling snow from Manning Park to the Olympic areas though..... and the red mittens held, but not worn!

  2. Lovely spring photo's.. Today felt like spring here in the UK, thankfully. How interesting to get coyotes calling by, that is a strange coloured one, looks like an alsation dog. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world!

  3. It is nice and warm up here. Is that really a coyote? It looks a little like a German Shepherd. Your new header is great and I love your blooms!!

  4. There was a report on our local news of a jogger upstate being attacked and bit by a coyote --she had to receive rabies shots --so be careful if that is a coyote as it might be ill. I agree with Ellen, however, that this one looks like a German Shepard? Perhaps a lost dog?

    We are getting a snow storm this weekend ..there will be no flowers in my garden for a few more months, so I enjoyed seeing yours!

  5. Forgot to say how beautiful your header is yesterday, but I did notice it. Your garden certainly does look springish. I don't like coyotes. What do you think of them?

  6. Oh goodness. ..that is the oddest coyote I've ever seen too. They often seranade us at night.

    Oh your heather.

  7. We are in the midst of a very dreary day today. You can imagine my delight to visit you and be greeted by your gorgeous header picture. It is a breath of spring.
    I can't imagine seeing a coyote so close to home. In this instance, I would rather look at it on a blog than in my own yard :-)
    Your heather is beautiful. As I was looking at it I became curious as to what is just to the left of it. It looks like metal sculptures. I tried clicking for a closer look, but still couldn't make it out. I'm honestly not trying to be nosey ... just curious. It looks interesting.

  8. Kim...standing to the left of the heather are my 'christmas angels' (check them out here... I know it is long past Christmas...but I'm thinking they are just garden angels now! Smile.

    Vee...I am not too fond of the skittish coyotes...but I'm sure they keep the rodent population down. They must be good for something.

  9. Your header is driving me insane...we need a few more winter days..pretty soon we'll be walking looking for pussy willows.
    I still need more winter..
    Great job on your header..collage.
    I can tell you picked up on our tutorial.

  10. Wow Judy...that coyote is so pretty, I've never seen a black and white one before either. Pat looked at him and said probably a mix of dog in there. We're not sure if they can cross bread, but wow it sure looks like there's 'boarder collie' in the mix. Hmmmmm

    Love your new header, so pretty.

  11. Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.

  12. Okay, this post has me a bit confused. It has created a desire for Spring within me in the midst of a huge winter snow storm that I am really enjoying. How special that our Heavenly Father provides seasons for us to enjoy, because I do really like Winter and Spring. That vase of flowers looks so pretty in your room.

    As for the Coyotes, I never saw one and was so happy you had a picture of the one walking on your property. What amazing animals!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson