Monday, February 8, 2010

the day the torch came to town...

Yesterday...the Olympic torch relay became reality for many of us. We all got out our true colours and became a part of the Olympic torch relay in our community.

Some of us even got a chance to touch the torch...that will be a memorable moment for my most patriotic grands!

We joined friends and drove out to watch the relay in our old neighbourhood. We couldn't have timed it the runner for the next leg arrived about the same time as we did. His name was Dane Low...he works at the Cactus Club Cafe in Vancouver...and he was thrilled to be running in the Vancouver 2010 torch relay. He was enjoying the were we!

It wasn't much of a wait before we saw the preceding torchbearer coming around the bend...

...passing on his flame...

...and Dane was off and running. How exciting it is to be part of the whole thing...even as a spectator. How much more special it would have been to be a participant! Why did we not think about that long ago when the opportunity was there?

The torch carried on without us...and we went for lunch at the Wildcat Grill. The 'cat's meow' seemed the appropriate meal for the occasion. And it was!

It also seemed the perfect day to be hoisting the official flag of the Olympics...and so we helped Marg and John get it up their pole.

Hmmm...we'll have to come back another day to see it flapping in the breeze. That's OK...this party won't be over for a long time.

ETA...If you would care to see the video of Dane's here.

Enjoy the day...


  1. What fun! I'm glad to see you embracing this historical time and documenting it!!

  2. Look at the joy on those faces! Let the party continue! (It may not be too soon to plan an "after" party.)

  3. How exciting Judy! It was good to see Marg and her husband with you and your husband in the Olympic torch bearer photo and some of your grands in the next photo.

  4. What a fund day...and guess what it's still not flying very high...
    It's a bit limp....I'll keep blowing at it, Maybe it needs an extra push.

  5. Oh. . you captured it perfectly Judy. I was helping at the B&B yesterday and we kept saying that the flame was getting nearer but we had no time to go see it. .but we were there in spirit.

  6. It's so wonderful to see these "insider" views of the Olympics goings-on - thank you! I'm really excited about Friday's opening ceremony.

  7. Love how you and Marg get into the spirit... I'm sorry I missed our chance... with company here and the game... there was just too much going on.

  8. Mom! I love that picture of you (with damon) ...I'm not sure what it is, but it's beautiful -- open jacket and all :).

  9. Great post! Minor adjustment: his name is Dane, not Damon :D View his preamble to his run here:

  10. Great post. I thought you might like to see a movie of Dane's run. What a great day it was.


  11. I feel like I am one of the lucky ones like those who get to sit in the box seats at a sporting event, because I can visit your blog and get first hand updates and beautiful pictures of the Winter Olympics. Really Judy, this is a real treat!

  12. Yeah Judy, great job on keeping us in the home town advantage loop. So exciting.

  13. loved it! it was so exciting to see the torch.

  14. Oh Judy this was so fun to see. I feel like I'm there through you and your blog...

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us!


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