Monday, February 1, 2010

this is not good...

When things go they often's good to have a back-up plan. As it turned out...we needed several back-up plans on Saturday. As you all know by now...we are quite excited to be hosting the Olympics next door VERY soon. The athletes are arriving from around the world...and some of them are practising...almost in our neighbourhood. The Japanese speed skating team has been using the Abbotsford Rec Centre as their work-out venue...and the public is free to come and watch. So on Saturday morning we took the grands along...and drove to Abbotsford...with intentions of watching some fabulous skating. How disappointed we all were to find the ice cleaners hard at work...along with a note saying the Saturday morning practise had been cancelled. Hmmm. What now? Well, there's a candy store not too far away that we visited several times last summer...and always found a closed sign on the door. It was Saturday...they would be open...and we'd go there instead...a consolation prize of sorts.

Oh, oh! Again...that dreaded 'closed' sign...this time for a winter break. They will be open on February 1st. Now we had three very disappointed munchkins!

Just down the road we passed by a brand new farm market... we stopped to take a peek. A great place...for anyone in the market for produce, meats or bakery items. For kids...not so much. Emme announced that it all looked a little too healthy! Our field trip just wasn't turning out at all as planned.

We made one more stop on the way home...and they all picked out a Canadian treat! They decided it was all good after all...especially with a promise to check out the Japanese speed skating team again this week. Hopefully we don't need Plan B next time.

Have a great day...


  1. You can always count on the old standbys! So glad they enjoyed their treats. One of those would sure taste good with my lonely cup of coffee!!

  2. Glad to hear it worked out in the end. I look forward to your behind the scenes posts on Olympic activity.

  3. Thanks for trying Grammy! The kiddos love doing anything with they enjoyed their outing. Of course, a donut with sprinkles is a nice touch!

  4. That Tim! He's always saving the day! How fun to think that you'll be able, if all works out, to watch some practice skating.

  5. It's always good to have a back up plan Judy! I remember having a few episodes like this when my children were young and sometimes the last minute idea turned out to be better than what was originally planned

    Those donuts look good! Wish I had one with my morning coffee! From the grands faces I could tell they they were nice and sweet! :-)

  6. I love those red maple leaf sprinkles! It is getting addictive collecting sprinkles more simple round shots or tube shaped "jimmies" or sugar crystals. If this keeps up I will need a foot locker just to store my sprinkle collection!

  7. Aww RATS, I just hate that...we you are all set to do something and it doesn't work out and you have to go to plan B.

    Well the treats sure looked yummy anyway!

  8. You are such great grandparents. . .the kids don't care so much as long as they have an outing and a yummy treat to top it off.

  9. I'd rather eat pastry than watch speed skating any day, if given a choice. Too bad about the closed thing. Still, kids seem resilient and yours look as if the won the lottery! Have a great week,

  10. We visited that market on our trip to Chilliwack at Christmas, looking to stock up on farmer's sausage. It was a Monday so our usual farmer's sausage supply store was closed. But this one was totally out. Sigh.

    Our kids call our usual store "the Mennonite Meat Mecca"

    Your day with the kids was rescued in a most fun way! I'm sure they didn't mind at all

  11. I am learning that grandparenting does require the needed Plan A, B, C and sometimes even Plan D. You handled it perfectly by ending it like you did. Can't help but think that even the "closed signs" created special memories for them, because you were along.

    I am really looking forward to some behind the scenes posts at the Olympics.

  12. Oh I am so excited for you the Olympics are so close. I have never ever gotten to go. My brother went when they were in Atlanta. You keep us updated on the goings ons up there.

  13. How exciting to have all the Olympic hoopla happening in your neighborhood. You will get your chance I am sure to check out those speed skaters.

    It looks like the grands finally ended up with some very yummy looking treats.

    Keep us posted on all your Olympic encounters. I will live vicariously through you =]

    Did you guys end up with tickets to any of the events? I think you or someone mentioned about the raffle for tickets.

  14. Tim Horton's has a new doughnut?
    (my word vrification is licksta)

  15. How about a treat like skiing????There is plenty of snow here, but an absolute I'm somewhat disappointed...but not that I can't handle it.
    Glad I brought my knitting along..

  16. Have they ever successfully gotten into that candy shop?


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