Monday, February 15, 2010

so who lit the flame?

The games are on! And we couldn't let them start without a celebration of our own. It's always more fun watching a big event surrounded by friends...and so we planned an 'opening ceremonies' party for Friday night. The friends who kindly hosted really got into the spirit...and fabricated a set of Olympic rings to decorate their home. The International Olympic Committee has not yet come calling to have them removed...and they are quite a hit in their neighbourhood!

Since the opening ceremony started at 6 o'clock...which is about the time some people arrive home from work...the party was planned for a little later. The opening ceremonies were all recorded on PVR and so we just watched them slightly delayed. A great system...failproof...especially since it is easy to fast-forward through any or all commercials.

There were some thirty of us gathered around the big screen...making frequent trips to the buffet table...and enjoying the fabulous show taking place in Vancouver. The big question for some time has been...'who will be the final torch bearer?' It was top secret...and so we waited for the grand finale. How thrilled we all were to see Rick Hansen...the Man in Motion...bringing the flame into the stadium. And how special to involve some of Canada's finest Olympic athletes in joining together to light the torch. We watched as the four of them approached centre stage...and then we waited...and suddenly it seemed like something must not be going according to plan. Steve Nash looked uncomfortable...Nancy Green Rain waved at the crowd...and the CTV announcer informed us that there seemed to be a problem with the Olympic cauldron's hydraulic system. Now we were all getting a little the seconds ticked by.

And at that very moment...our pre-recorded PVR program ended. The recorder had been set to record the scheduled program...but the opening ceremonies went overtime. NO! So there were were...all wondering if the Olympic torch actually got lit...and who had the honours.

After all that build-up...the last chapter was missing! We quickly resorted to the internet to determine that the flame was indeed lit...and that Wayne Gretzky had the honour of carrying it the final leg of the journey. Good choice...don't you think?

What a memorable evening it was. Good food...good friends...and a celebration that had no ending!

I must say that we have enjoyed watching the first few days events...especially seeing Canada get it's first gold medal last night! The CTV coverage has been excellent...and we are appreciating the PVR recorder we got from the kids for Christmas. We can record one event while we watch neat is that? Oh yes...and we are remembering to add extra time to any important events...since they may just go overtime. Smile.


  1. I felt, as many did, that Wayne would be the one to light the cauldron. I loved every minute of the opening ceremonies and always watch as much of the Olympics I can. I saw the medal run and was so happy for Canada. I loved learning the history of the USA and Canada relationship. If I ever left the US for any reason, I would love to live in Canada.

  2. How frustrating to miss the final bit with the malfunction and everything. It was fun to watch the close-up of Wayne's face and imagine what he was thinking. I'm so glad that your coverage is excellent. I wish that ours was.

  3. I loved the idea of the five athletes lighting the cauldron on the inside and then The Great One lighting the outside cauldron - although I felt sorry for him as he drove through the pouring rain in the back of the open truck!
    Your evening sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. I wish we could get the CTV channel we get the other Canadian one without any coverage. NBC decides what we want to watch UGH
    They don't start coverage till 8 at night double ugh. The opening ceremonies didn't start till 9:00 for us and went past midnight!
    Well enough griping.
    It sounds like your party was fabulous. Love the rings!!

  5. What an evening to remember...what a week to remember, and what a Gold to remember...2010 will never be the same.
    And more fun yet, is celebrating these Canadian historical moments with family and friends.

  6. Home made drama on top of drama! Way to go Judy!

    The ceremonies were FABULOUS!

    We enjoyed every moment of the ceremonies, including the GE commercials. Bernie's employed by GE Healthcare which is a huge sponsor of the Olympic and his facility built the GE Olympic Mobile Surgical facility that is serving at the games.

    Everyone's commercials have been pretty entertaining so far and timed just right for stretching activities to keep up in shape for the long haul.

  7. I love the winter games much more than the summer games...but I missed the lighting, for that I am sorry!

  8. Love the rings! You really know how to put on a party! We also thought Rick Hansen and Wayne G were perfect choices....along with the other 3. We will all be glued to our TV's for several weeks....cheering on our countries best. Kathy (MGCC)

  9. Those rings look great! About he lighting - it was confusing even if you got to see it... were four of them supposed to light the one inside and then Wayne G the one outside? I didn't see who lit the one inside with the cofusion...and the cameras possiply not focusing at the exact moment ...suddenly it was just lit.

  10. Judy it is so fun to see how everyone celebrated on Friday night .. .we at our party thought about you and Marg a few times. . .imagining your reactions to it all. . .

    We PVR'd it ourself at home .. .just to be sure we didn't miss a thing.

  11. I loved the choice of Wayne Gretzky too, Judy! It was a beautiful opening ceremony even through there was the sadness of the death of the young Luge athlete in the air.

    I've learned by past experience to always leave extra time when taping and event..just in case! Glad you caught it on the Internet.

    Congratulations on Canada's first gold medal of these games!

  12. Here at my house, a couple thousand miles south of you (more or less), we watched it all with our mouths open in wonder. It was amazing!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson