Thursday, February 4, 2010

fine blades on ice...

We may have struck out first time around...but were doubly blessed yesterday! Last week we took the grands to see the Japanese Olympic short track speed skating team practise in Abbotsford...only to find out the practise had been cancelled. Yesterday we thought we'd try the whole thing again...

...and actually met the girls from the team in the lobby when we arrived.

We had comfortable seats...with good views just above the ice...and took in a great practise session.

Flash photography was forbidden...and since they skated faster than my Canon could focus...most of my photos were a nice blurr. I did manage to get a nice picture of the zamboni machine...

...and a few where the skaters weren't moving too fast!

We were in for a double treat...since the Russian Olympic pairs are using the same sheet of ice for their training sessions...and were on right after the Japanese team was done. Of course we stayed!

If you have a chance to take in pairs figure for Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov. They are the 2008-2010 Russian Champions...the 2009 World bronze medalists...and 2010 European champions. And...they are good!

We saw Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov as well...also a treat to watch. It was a chance of a lifetime...and we're glad we took it. The Japanese team is now finished with their Abbostford training camp...but the Russian athletes will be there for a few more weeks. Check out their schedule on the Abbotsford Olympic calendar....if you happen to live nearby and wish to see them in action.

The grandgirlies quite enjoyed the outing...Ryder yawned and wondered how long until it was all over. I don't think he's quite so impressed with fine skating!

Have a great day...


  1. That must have been fascinating to watch, such speed and grace.

  2. Oh you blessed gals! That would've been right up my alley. Who doesn't enjoy watching that kind of artistry on ice? Well, besides Ryder that is... ☺

  3. Judy. . you are something else. . so informed and on the ball. How fun to give the grands a bit of Olympic previews.
    Oh ..and your header is fantastically spring like. I love it.

  4. Oh what fun! It's so good to take advantage of these up close and more personal experiences. It will make watching these events so much more interesting...

  5. What a great opportunity...and to share it with the grands.

    I also like your new header. Spring seems so far away when we are still sitting under a pile of snow.

  6. Good example of disappointment turned into a better day than expected. How nice that you got a picture of this team and watch this impressive practice session. Who knows, maybe this will create a spark for skating in your grandchildren.

    Your header photo makes Sping seem like it will soon be here. It is beautiful!

  7. how lucky are you!!!!! i love watching ice skating. i will watch for those couples!

  8. Cool! I'm glad the second trip in was a success. Now, to successfully get to that candy store...

  9. I am so excited that you could take in those events. Now you will know who to cheer for and watch them with glee.
    Is this really spring? I am somewhat scared if it freezes...Sure is good walking weather.

  10. Ah Judy figure skating is my favorite winter Olympic event! How exciting it must have been to watch a practice session! It is a lot of hard work made to look so effortless.

    I'm so excited ..not that long till it all begins!

    Oh and I like your new header .. it is so cheery and speaks of spring!

  11. I am tooooo jealous. The Russian figure skaters put me right over the edge. How great that you get to watch them practice!!! I would simply adore that.


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