Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the green, green grass of home...

While the east coast is enjoying winter...and bracing themselves for one more snow storm...we have to go to great lengths to find snow over here. The closest we come to snow these days is that which lies up on the mountain peaks.

The patches of white we see out on those green, green fields have nothing to do with snow...and everything to do with trumpeter swans. They are having a hard time with camouflage this year. I think they look rather long as they stick to the neighbour's field!

And then there are snow drops blooming in a garden down the road.

Oh yes...and if I keep my eye on the freeway nearby for a spell...I can see snow being hauled past by the truckload. We are welcoming the world to the winter Olympics...and it seems there is a shortage of snow on a few of the ski runs. No worries...they are trucking it in from 'who knows where'!

We were expecting a winter...instead we have El NiƱo...and are enjoying spring!

Have a wonderful day....


  1. Oh yes...Spring is on its way!! How strange to 'truck' in the snow. We have had the weirdest weather, today it was like really heavy rain but instead of rain it was little balls of snow/ice. I guess it was snail! Your photo's are lovely as usual.

  2. Oh those snowdrops! What a beautiful sight. They are not common in France and I do miss the English ones.

  3. the dump trucks hauling snow, do they do it all day or just in the morning? i've been trying to catch them, would love to see that lol

    snow drops are so pretty.

  4. Isn't life interesting! You are watching trucks bringing in snow and we are being told right now, that our counties have just ordered thirty trucks to be brought in from other cities to help us deal with this tremedous amount of snow that we are receiving. They just now sent out a blizzard warning for our area.

    I liked your pictures again today. The swans and the white snowdrops are beautiful! We are really enjoying watching the Olympic events in the evening.

  5. The spring photos make me so envious. Where are they trucking the snow from? Probably here, in Alberta.

    And it makes me very sad the money that is being thrown around on this Olympics, when downtown eastside Vancouver and environs -- other places in our grand home country too, are people in need of even a bed and a meal.

    Oh Canada.


  6. Beautiful images Judy! Yikes! This weather really is something...

  7. I don't think I have ever spent as much time watching the weather reports across the country as I have this year. It is because of all my delightful blogger buddies and being included in the goings on around the land. Love the snowdrops. Will be glad to see something besides white, before long. Blessings

  8. We are in the middle of the storm right this minute....big flakes falling and accumulation rising. I am glad both my husband and daughter's offices closed today in anticipation of the storm and we are all warm and cozy.

    Hope it turns out well for the Olympic outdoor events there, Judy, as even your Chilliwack mountains have very little snow on top ..yikes!

  9. Judy your "sprinter" pictures are so beautiful. I know we are thinking spring but still it is winter .. or is it? I think it forgot about us on the wet coast this year.

  10. Hmmm, I wonder if our local mountains have more snow at the moment than yours? Since we are also getting some of your rain down here, thanks to El Nino. But not today...sunny today.

  11. There are many seasons in our lives Judy...and this one is to celebrate the Olympics...
    What a great shot of those trumpeters.
    I'm hoping there's some snow coming tonight.
    Did you hear the song about Elmino...We need some snow?
    How suitable.


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