Thursday, February 25, 2010

somethings burnin'...

With the spring weather of the recent past...
the grands thought a wiener roast might be a good idea.

And so we made plans...and they came.

Just a wee cooking fire...out in the country...on a Saturday night.

What joy!

Ranen thought a wiener roast required dressing like a princess.

And so she did!

Do you remember wiener roasts from your childhood?

I do...and I think they will as well.

Those are good memories.


  1. Oh yes those are the most fun times. We do it as often as possible. I also just read your previous post about your description of how your life changed 15 years ago. I know that had to be a hard time and your faith got you through as I have heard you testify to many times. You are right we need to remember. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. It looks like the idea was a hit. Many of us in the lower 50 are looking forward to doind just that soon:)

  3. I too remember wiener roasts of my childhood and I still love them every bit as much now!
    Looks like so much fun..the princess is so cute!

  4. Yes, I remember wiener roasts from way back, but now I also like them as Bratwurst over the fireplace.
    It sure does not take much to give kids a good time...

  5. Love it! The best kind of memory...

  6. We never did them this way...yours looks ever so much more fun.

  7. The wiener roast was the high point of the day when we were children and visiting our cousins in Nova Scotia. A wiener roast was always on the shore, made with drift wood, and followed by marshmallows. There are so many photos from that time - a lot like the ones you posted - of a group of little cousins huddled under a blanket (swatting mosquitos!) with the firelight reflected on smiling faces.

  8. Weiner roasts are some of my fondest memories growing up. We went up the mountain several times a year when my mom would get a hankering for a weiner roast. Your grands are darling and they will absolutely look back at your family times with fondness.

  9. Sweet children and sweeter memories.

    My 82 year old So. Cal born and raised mom occasionally reads the Canadian bloggers. Awhile ago she asked me what was with all the Canadian weiner roasting posts.

    I really had no answer for her, except that it seemed to be a national obsession up north; it seemed like friendly and harmless not to worry!

  10. No weiner roasts in my youth, but I have fond memories of eating Nathan's hot dogs by the Coney Island boardwalk as a child. :-)

  11. We would go to my uncle's farm and have weiner roasts...this immediately brought back those memories for me. Your grandchildren are so fortunate to have you creating these fun memories for them. They look like they are having so much fun.

    Reading this post did me good. It is snowing again, the winds are 30-40miles per hour and the tempetures are in the high twenties:)


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