Friday, February 12, 2010

true colours...

True love...

true colours.

Where one ends and the next begins is rather blurred this year!

We have much to celebrate this weekend...
and we as Canadians are showing an unusual burst of patriotism...
for once.

Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend...
and be sure to cheer for the home team!


  1. Rock it! I hope that every Canadian has reason to be proud...very. Love your mosaics and the pictures chosen for each one. I'm feeling a little partial to the doughnut just now, but don't mind me. As if you need to be told — have great fun!

  2. What a great banner - and collage!! Go Canada! <3

  3. How cool - red maple leaf sprinkles on a doughnut! I love that.

    I'll be thinking of all my Canadian blog pals this evening as we watch the opening ceremonies.

  4. Can't hardly wait for tonight. I know things will be beautiful in Canada for the Olympics. I loved your post today. Right on the groove.

  5. Judy what a fantastic beautiful post. You really caught it perfectly. .and I love your new header too.

    OH word verification is judistio. .kind of a italian version of your name?

  6. Love your posting today...especially the RCMP! It must be exciting to live so near the center of all the action...go Canada!
    We are so cheering for our local lady, Cindy Klassen. Although her knees appear to be giving out, she is so gracious, and her faith shines...

  7. This is one full weekend of events for sure! Enjoy the spirit of the games. It's really something special to have the games in your own backyard!

  8. How exciting...The time has come and we are all so lucky to be part of this special time in Canadian History.
    The song I Believe, is playing right now on TV..Yea

  9. Your blog post is filled with beauty today, header and the perfectly done mosaics. The tiny red leaf sprinkles on the doughnuts is a great idea. I just cannot imagine how excited you all are, being located so near such an important event. I really appreciate that you share with your blogging friends, the extra personal touches and pictures that you do. It certainly makes it more interesting for us.

    Hoping you all have a fun weekend, celebrating. We will be watching the opening ceremonies from the East Coast of the US tonight.

  10. Right now waiting to watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies can't wait for them to start. I just have to tell you how excited I was to see the US teams wearing those cute Indian knit hats!!! They are so adorable. Now I want one:)

  11. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family Judy!

    Happy Winter Olympics in Canada! I can't wait to read more behind the scenes reporting form you here on your blogs as you attend competitions.


  12. The opening ceremonies were wonderful! Such a beautiful tribute to all the gorgeous facets of your country. Kudos to all involved in putting on such a wonderful event.


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