Tuesday, May 11, 2010

and the mother smiled...

I had many reasons to smile on Mother's Day. The sun was shining...the church service was wonderful...the Sante Fe chicken salad on the back patio at lunchtime was just right...and the day unfolded as it should.

I thought of my mom...and the wonderful mother she was...and how it has been ten years since we were together on Mother's Day. She grew beautiful purple irises...and now it's my turn. I moved them from her garden...to mine...and every year there are more. And they always bloom for Mother's Day...somehow appropriate!

From my kitchen window...I am enjoying the Nelly Moser clematis that I planted last year. I chose this particular variety because it reminded me of my mom-in-law...whose name happened to be Nellie...and who liked clematis. It also was blooming just in time for Mother's Day. And so I was reminded of our two mom's...and the legacy they left for us.

In the evening we were all invited to Tim and Heidi's for supper...

...and the hockey game, of course! Our Vancouver Canucks are still in the playoffs...and they need all the encouragement they can get. They pulled off a Mother's Day win...and so there will be hockey again tonight...I am told.

Maelyn wasn't so interested in hockey...and was amusing herself in the front entrance...all by herself. It looks like she struck it rich in one of those wallets (definitely not mine)! She did not appreciate the intervention all that much.

There was lots to smile about...good food...good fun...

...good kids and grands. Being a mom is a privilege...and 'grammyhood' is a double blessing.
Have a great day...


  1. Sweet picture of you and your "kids"! And the flowers are beautiful. Our grandson (3) got into my wallet one day, but he came and got me, took me to it, and said "Uh oh!" :-)

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful day!
    re hockey - never, ever, ever, have I eaten so many meals off my lap while watching TV as I have for these playoffs!

  3. Oh we laughed at the little purse inspector. ..

    I so enjoyed seeing the flowers in memory of your moms. .and I think I'll go in search of that clematis .. it would fit well in my garden.

    I'm so glad you had such a nice afternoon and evening. .
    You are right . .it's a blessing.

  4. What a wonderful post Judy! Love those irises and the clematis. That last photo is just fabulous!!

  5. Maelyn! Too cute! Glad that you got the picture before the training ensued.

    It's always refreshing to read about your family. It sounds like l.o.v.e. to me!

  6. It is a gift to be a Mom, isn't it? But it's also nice to be thanked!

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful day. I love that you have your moms irises!

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  9. Awww looks like you were so blessed on Mother's Day. Love the Irises and Clematis. I've been told Clematis does well in Montana too, can't wait to try them.

  10. Great shots...and isn't it fun when our kids invite us over..No cooking for one day! I love it, and there's nothing better than ending the day with a good hockey game.
    Our Moms...where are they?
    Cheering us on!

  11. Judy, your Mother's Day sounds perfect, and it was well deserved. They know you are a prize.

    We used to have a climbing rose that bloomed once a year - always at Mother's Day. We had it many years, but it is now gone. And, I still mourn it.

  12. It looks like you have a lot to smile about. It doesn't get much better than being surrounded by a loving family on Mother's Day. The picture of Maelyn emptying the wallet is hilarious.
    The stories attached to your irises and clematis are so special. Thanks for sharing them. Just beautiful.

  13. So happy to have found your blog! I too have transplanted iris to every home we have lived in and have been posting their bloomings on Facebook. They were transplated by my mother from her mom's house and then after my mother passed away and we moved I transplanted them here! My favorite flower. Funny how they remind me of my mother too! Blessings ~

  14. Lovely post, Judy! You take the ordinary moments and make them extraordinary!

  15. Waw, there's beautiful pictures here. May I visit here next any time. Sorry 4 my bad language becouse Iam Indonesian.

  16. Whatever is in that bowl ... I must have me some of that! Looks wonderful!!

    Happy Belated Mother's Day!!

  17. Stopped by for a visit thanks to Blogger! As a midwesterner transplanted to the desert of AZ, I am always homesick for lush green grass and trees. Your beautiful pictures of your home and farm were so wonderful to enjoy! Thank you for a wonderful start to my morning and reminding me of all the little but important joys in life!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson