Friday, May 21, 2010

a whistler get-away...

They came...they cheered...and they left.

Now it was our turn.
Though I called it a business was really nothing of the sort.

I was part of a group of farm women that spent a few days in Whistler...
a get-away planned and sponsored by our feed company.

 At this time of the year...things are quite quiet on the village stroll.

Across the creek is a memorial to Nomar Kumaritashvili...
the Georgian athlete who lost his life on the opening day of the 2012 winter games.

The official Olympic store stood vacant...

...and Olympic gear was selling at a discount everywhere.

Boarders, skiers and bikers were coming and going....

...or just plain sitting!

Though the weather forecast was mostly about gloom and doom...
the sun came out shortly after our arrival...
and Marg and I went for a hike around Lost Lake.

We met this happy camper...
holding up his trophy catch of the day...

...while nearby his rods were waiting to fool another fish or two.

We were back from our afternoon adventure just in time to join the rest of the group on a 'taste-testing tour'......where we experienced four of Whistler's best restaurants in one evening.

Our first stop was the Bearfoot Bistro...where we were taken to the wine cellar and taught the history of champagne sabering. 

Napoleon's men knew how to remove the top and cork off a bottle with their I do as well. That is one skill I don't think I will ever be practicing!

Home to more than 20,000 bottles of wine...they also have trophy wines from around the world...
some valued at more than $20,000 each. 

Is that really possible? 
You can tell I know little about wines!
We followed our host from one fabulous restaurant to another...
enjoying delicious and interesting culinary creations at each place.

Appetizer...Cajun crusted blackened ahi tuna at Hy's Steakhouse.
Main course...Veal Scallopine served with signature pasta at Quattro.
Dessert...Phyllo wrapped cheesecake with cherries at the Mountain Club.

We walked through the village and back to our hotel in the light of the moon...
or was that the glow of the street lamp?

It was a wonderful a beautiful little spot in our corner of the world...
together with a fun group of women. 

Wherever the tour may be going next year...count me in!


  1. Beautiful town, gorgeous scenery, fabulous culinary experiences, and wonderful women to share it with - who could ask for anything more! Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Beautiful! Sign me up for next year, too!!!

  3. What a setting...what a treat! The local feed store probably won't offer me this kind of getaway for the few bags of feed our goats and hens consume!
    I love the idea of the tasting tour and the hike. You and your camera always make the most of any experience and we are the lucky ones to follow you around!

  4. You were a "Blog of Note" today! I popped in to see what was on your front porch and what do I find? HOME! As a transplanted BC girl now living in Ontario...your pics were a tonic. Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed your "business trip" to Whistler.

  5. It really looks like a wonderful get away! Your photos are great. That food sounds and looks delicious...
    Glad you could get away with such a nice setting and treatment :0)

  6. Another wonderful memory with a bunch of farmer's wives. We are definitely a breed of our own...
    Most of us have learned to multitask and become somewhat flexible.
    Thanks for being my room mate.
    Did they say we're going again? The sooner the better...

  7. I love Whistler ... the beauty is always overwhelming.
    It looks like you had a wonderfully fun get away!

  8. Such an interesting contrast to the world's recent views of Whistler, crammed with people and in the snow. To see bare pavement and empty walkways in springtime is rather surprising. Sounds like the feed company is courting you ladies.

  9. What a wonderful outing for women who are in the background for the foods we eat everyday. It is just a wonderful blessing to be able to be with women who understand the joys and the trials of everyday life on the farm.
    Your tour was delightful. . I think I will consider changing feed companies :)

  10. Sounds like a lot of fun! Why does food with fancy names sound like it just has to taste extra special?

  11. Judy, it all looks and sounds wonderful. I don't think I could drink $20,000 wine, but I do think I could manage a slice of that cheesecake.

    Your blog looks great. I love the new look.

    I clicked to be one of your Google friend followers. I was surprised that I wasn't already. Maybe you'll follow my blog, too. ;-)

  12. Whistler is a beautiful place any time of year. I did that hike around Lost Lake while my husband was at a conference a couple of years ago.

    I think it's wonderful to celebrate farm wives!

  13. What a great outing. Looks like a lot of fun.

    By the way I think you asked me awhile ago about Farm Chicks? I had never even heard about it. This next weekend I am heading up there to Spokane with a group of ladies. Can't wait to see what all the fun is about.

  14. I have learned many things about farm life from visting your blog. I now know that feed companies and farm women have the best business trips. I'm also impressed by the fact that you could open a wine bottle with a sword, should the need arise.
    Your part of the world is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Beautiful community. No wonder it was the scene of so much Olympic action last February. I'd like it better nice and quiet as you found it. Did you enjoy the wine? I only like wine if it tastes like gingerale so I've decided that gingerale is cheaper.

  16. Amazing pictures!! Looks like a wonderful trip!!

  17. Your trip looked like a lot of fun and it's so beautiful there! I enjoyed the pics of the eagles on one of the earlier posts. We have them here in Ohio too and it's pretty popular to go to the nests and eagle watch.

  18. Oh wow that sounds like such a lovely weekend getaway!! My boys have been to Whistler and love it. But I've never been farther than Manitoba. Hopefully, some day I'll make it all the way to the west coast. You live in beautiful country!

  19. Incredibly beautiful photos and the food sounds so very yummy. Glad you had a great time.

  20. You have a very nice blog. Some beautiful photographs.

    Don't you think that the the Olympic Games were Providential? On the final day of competition, the United States and Canada play for the gold medal in hockey. Canada has already tied the gold medal record with Russia and Norway at 13. If they win the hockey game, they break the record. Since I am from the U.S., of course, I wanted the U.S. to win, but Canada wins and breaks the record for gold medals at 14 (I believe that "14" has Biblical significance: double 7).

    God is in the details.

  21. Looked like a great trip! Gorgeous pictures!

  22. Lovely experience. Thanks for sharing it.

  23. That was a wonderful get away and such a nice large group of women that were treated to it!

    The food and wine sound delicious and I'm glad the day turned out to be sunny to enjoy it all!

    I hope you bought a few sale price Olympic mascots for your grandchildren...they are so cute!

  24. Farmer wives got new gitty-up! Totally fun and classy time that any kind of wife would love to join in on.

    Happy Farm Wife, Happy Farmer, Happy Farm!

  25. I was in Whistler the same weekend, and I took some similar photos (for instance, the one with the Mascot stuffies sitting on the chairs)! I also have more Olympic pictures of downtown Vancouver and the Mascots on my photography blog.


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