Monday, May 3, 2010

a birthday for a princess...or two

It's May 3rd...and two of my special girls are having a birthday today!

We started a tradition some four years ago...of calling the family together to celebrate Ranen's and Auntie Broni's birthday. We have no problem remembering how old Ranen is...but with Broni we have lost count...and she isn't always that willing to fill us in...truthfully.

We planned to have a picnic yesterday...with visions of sitting in the sunshine while the grandchildren romped in the great outdoors. That was all a dream! Instead...we turned on the furnace and had our picnic inside...around our dining room table.

Ranen is all about 'princesses'...and so I made mini-princess cakes for the grandgirlies and frog prince cupcakes for Ryder and Micah. And the rest of us thought lemon pound cake with strawberries and whipping cream looked more appealing.

These two were quite eager to have dessert...and needed to do a little taste-testing ahead of time!

Last year...while the birthday girls were blowing out candles...Ryder somehow had his face in the cake and was enjoying the icing. He knew better this year...

...but Micah couldn't keep his hands off that 'frog prince'...and so he had a fist full of bright green frosting.

Micah decided he quite liked birthday parties... did Maelyn...who took the opportunity to try out cousin Ranen's new princess scooter.

Bronwen...may you have a wonderful birthday today...

...and many blessings in the year that lies ahead.

Princess Ranen is celebrating her birthday with all her little friends today...and so Grammy will go join the party for awhile. How special to celebrate the milestones of life with those we love.

Have a great day...


  1. What a perfect celebration! Have a wonderful time.

  2. Judy .. it is special indeed. I thought your little cakes were wonderful and how precious is it to be able to create such fun cakes for little girls.
    Enjoy the celebration today and many happy returns of the day for Broni and Ranen.

  3. It all looks like so much fun Judy. Love your little mini cakes!!
    That last photo is so it!!

  4. What pretty little cakes..great job Judy!
    Happy Birthday to Broni and Ranen!

  5. what a special grammie, to make everyone a special cake......
    you are just the best judy.
    happy birthday to the birthday girls.

  6. Oh I am cracking up, we had the same adventure with birthdays and cake-monsters at our house this weekend. Aren't they just adorable?

    I love you mini princess/prince cakes!

  7. Princesses big and small....looks like a wonderful party. Love the cute don't ever miss a beat. It si a good thing when we can go with the flow when weather is not what we had planned for. Happy Birthday girls! Kathy

  8. Now that's my idea of a good way to start the week. Happiest of birthday weeks to the birthday beauties!

  9. Judy, you are tops in putting that unique touch to those special events.

    Gorgeous picture of the birthday princess walking away well satisfied with her party.

    Happy Birthday to Broni and Ranen! Have a great year!!
    Love, Martha

  10. Happy Birthday Broni and Ranen!!!

    I love your cakes Judy...I guess there is more than one cake artist in your family!

  11. Birthday wishes to the girls. How fun to share a birthday party with people you love.

  12. Those are the perfect cakes, with all the added details, to make her look just like a princess
    Sorry about the weather.
    Now I'm beginning to think that princesses might have more fun.
    Have a wonderful day with that special one.

  13. wow, you sure went all out with the individual cakes! You are quite the cake decorater. What blustery weather we are having - good for an indoor party.

  14. What amazing cakes!!! Well done they look great and perfect for little boys and girls. Looks like you had a great day!

  15. What sweet pictures! My 7 year old granddaughter is "all about" princess stuff, too. Sounds like you had a wonderful day... nothing like being with family!

  16. Happy Birthday Ranen and Broni!

    Judy, the little cakes your made were adorable! It must have been fun for you to decorate them so sweetly and I'm sure the grands enjoyed them so much.

    It was HOT and humid here today..I am not ready for humidity.

  17. Happy Birthday to the Princesses in your family! Those cakes were so sweet - you make all your grands very special!

  18. I hope your birthday girls made wonderful memories. You have such a great family.

    And, you are one very special and talented grandmother. I shudder to think how a cake I decorated would look. I am better sticking to the basics when it comes to icing. My skills are minimal.

  19. What a special family God has blessed you with, and what a clever, creative and fun grandma He has given to your family. You know how to celebrate in such a fun way,and I like the ideas that I can pick up from you. These pictures are so adorable! Happy Birthday to Broni and Ranen...two beautiful members of your family.

  20. Looks like the birthday bug has hit your family too! Such wonderful family pictures.

  21. Love to see the photos of how Ranen has grown. Broni hasn't changed a bit. And, have you not heard, Judy, that a woman who will tell her age will tell anything? I hate to reveal my age, though I have done so because of my blabbermouth.

    Oh those specialty cakes are too much! You sure know how to please your little gang!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson