Monday, May 10, 2010

down on the farm...

Sunshine in spring means it is a busy time on the farm. The guys were anxious to get all the grass off the fields...and had extra help lined up for Saturday. My job was to provide lunch...much preferable to driving my opinion.

I grabbed the camera in the morning and went outdoors...thinking I might capture the feeling of spring on the farm (minus the smell of freshly mowed hay). I noticed cars coming and going at the neighbour's...and saw a garage sale sign...and thought there was still plenty of time to make lunch I wandered over. I found many treasures...including the 'Muffins and More' cookbook that I once owned. I bought an antique picnic basket...just to take all my goodies home. Oh...and for neighbours...everything was half price. Here's the sad part...the garage sale is in preparation for a move...and we will miss our good neighbour when that time comes.

The trucks were coming and going behind the house all morning...and I suddenly realized I might have to speed things up a little if they were to have lunch at noon. First-cut grass harvest always includes a meal of watermelon and rollkuchen...with barbecued smoked sausages.

It was ready (barely) and waiting on the back patio when the crew arrived.

While everyone was busy out in the fields...the girls (my grands) were back to their favorite past time on the farmyard.

They were setting up shop once again...with hopes of luring customers to their roadside candy stand. Where once it was just Emme & Spencer...

...they have recruited and trained some excellent neighbourhood help. The first was mostly Grandpa who bought candies....and he was required to climb up to their treehouse to make the purchases. Last year...they set up regularly on the backyard...and expanded their clientele to include all farm employees and anyone who happened to drive into the farmyard. This year the candy shop has moved again...and is now situated right near the road. They are hoping to capitalize on drive-by traffic...and actually had some success on Saturday...their opening day of this season. Don't count on any bargains...if you plan to visit their shop. I think it's the big smiles and the good service that bring customers back...year after year!

Thankfully they had relocated their business this a candy shop under the weeping willow tree would have been disastrous. While the girls were tending their shop near the road...there was a very loud half of the ancient willow tree in the backyard came crashing down.

Neighbours came running to see what had happened...some thought they had heard a gunshot. I am so glad the girls were selling candy...rather than swinging on the tire swing...which now lies on the ground.
They soon abandoned the candy shop...when they realized they had the very best playground in the neighbourhood! Even the boys showed up to play.

I'm quite sad about the weeping willow tree...even if I no longer live on the farmyard. It was there when my parents bought the farm...more than fifty years ago. I have a circa 1940's photo of the original farm given to me by someone who lived there long before I did...and the weeping willow tree was already there. We have had it pruned on occasion...but now it will coming down completely. It will be missed...especially by those who liked to swing from the branches and have snacks in the shade!

Have a great day...


  1. What a busy place that farm is on a Saturday in May! It sounds as though you packed a lot into your day, with garage sale, photography, delicious lunch (I enlarged that photo, for sure!)candy shop visiting and the big tree finale! it's raining here today - I hope all the cutting is finished over your way if this rain is headed east. Have a good week!

  2. Wow! Sure glad no one was around that tree when it exploded! Looks like a very busy Saturday around the farm. Glad you had time to check out the G.S. and still get lunch done!!

  3. So enjoyed this post. Those candy sellers just make me laugh . time I'm in your neck of the woods I'm going to see if the stand is set up . .maybe I'll bring the lil farm hand with me. .he'd be a willing buyer.
    Oh the willow tree. .no lightening huge wind? Just . ..poof?
    We still have one on the farm I grew up on too. .my brothers farm now. I broke my arm on that willow tree. .I'd be sad to see it go too I understand.

  4. Busy day - but sounds like lots of fun, too. If I'm ever driving down a country road, and see a candy shop, I'll know it's your grands and will surely stop to shop! So sad about the tree - we had an old climbing tree once that gave up much the same way - our climber son sure missed it!

  5. Mmmm, watermelon and roll kuchen - delicious!
    So glad to hear the children were away from the area where the tree exploded.
    Have a wonderful week, maybe one that's a bit slower after such an event-filled weekend!

  6. Looks like lots of excitment at your place! Garage sale, rollkuchen and watermellon, the expansion of the candy shop, and too bad about the tree!! Like you said, so glad no one was swinging from it.

  7. Judy your farmland just takes my breath away, it's so gorgeous! The mountains in the background, blue sky, puffy white clouds, your amazing home and those grands!

    I see your place as a resort, seriously, your meals, your gracious hospitality, and the warmth of a farm (working or non-working, I love visiting there via your blog!

    I too am sad about your willow tree, my goodness, so old and majestic. If the tree could talk and tell stories of years gone by. Thank the Lord that nobody was hurt, God's protection is powerful.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with all of us.

  8. Thanks especially for recording the demise of our dear weeping willow. Sad to see this "friend" go! and how amazing that this happened without a storm!

  9. Your life on the farm continues to intrique me. I love seeing the little ones with their candy stand, and climbing over the Willow tree. The memories that are being created for them, are priceless. I was also thinking as I was reading, how fortunate those men are, to have you to cook for them. The food looked so good! Do you need extra hired help?:)

  10. Reminds me of the kool-aid stands my down-the-street friend and I always set up in summer when we were growing up. We never made much money, but it was fun! So glad no one was hurt when the tree gave way. Just another example of God's protection that we so often take for granted.

  11. Everyone is all very industrious and you, too, even if lunch was barely on time. I am sorry that your neighbor is moving on and I'm sorry that the tree crashed. How wonderful that the kids were elsewhere!

  12. I so enjoyed this post. What fun it is to live on a farm. Work hard, play hard. Kathy

  13. Good to know that everyone was safely away from the willow. They are such wonderful trees but unfortunately are prone to this very thing of splitting as they age. We have four around our own pond - I would hate to see them go too.
    Your life looks filled with contentment.

  14. So sad you lost your pretty Willow tree, but I'm glad your grands were not hurt!

    Their candy shop is such a cute idea! It is good they don't eat up all their inventory :-)

    Your lunch treats look so good! Hope the mowing all gets done in time


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson