Wednesday, May 12, 2010

check that front door...

When you walk the same route all the soon have seen everything of interest that there is to see. And then you take to redecorating the homes you pass...or changing the landscape...or adding a little splash of colour. Or you check out the front door...'the gateway to the home' I did over the weekend.

Here is one front door that can't be ignored...with it's new coat of paint. You can't miss it!

At this home visitors are encouraged to find the back door. Though the front door still stands...there is no visible path to get there.

Nearby is a house that uses the front door as an emergency exit only.

It got me thinking about front doors...and the message they send. It sometimes hard to figure out which door you are to use when you arrive at a home. We have three back leads into the into the master bedroom...and one into the dining area. None are visible from the driveway....and none of them have doorbells. So we prefer guests to use the front door...and they nearly always do.

We were at the home of friends last night...and showed up at the front door. As invited guests...that's where we go. I have been been known to use their back door as well...though I'm not sure they want me there. Especially after I witnessed the reception another guest received at the back door last night! Once it was determined that the front doorbell was not working...she was forgiven for making her way around to the back of the house.

I'm not planning to visit you today...but if I were...which door would you like me to go to? If there are no steps to the front door...I'll get the message.

Enjoy the day...


  1. Please come to the front door - the one that looks like a side door as you come along the driveway. It's the one facing the pond. If you come to the actual side door you'll have to walk through the garage, and that is a very scary entrance to the house!

  2. You really have some interesting front doors on your walk, especially the one where you would have to leap to get to it :0)
    We have a confusing house because it's back side is on the main street. It's front side faces 2 neighbors homes. Most first timers come to our front door. Those who have been around a lot like my kids come in through the patio door. Once a pizza delivery man came to the basement door...Yep...confusing.

  3. Only one door is really visible and it's the front one, so please use it and come on in.
    Other than the front door, there's a basement door, a door through the garage, and a door off the breakfast nook onto the deck.

  4. Cute post Judy:) We live on a corner lot so take your pick..side or front. No need for a stepladder either..hehe

  5. We're back door people ...
    I grew up that way and for the first 10 years of our marriage . .we were front door people .. .but we're back to the back again.
    Fun post.

  6. Front door or Back door at this place. Just don't appear at my patio door...It freaks me out, because that's my quiet place...and I love to hear the door bell that I can be appropriate.....

  7. I would welcome you at my front or back door, and the coffee is always hot in the carafe. I want both my doors to say "welcome".

  8. Such a fun post. I think that one without steps is so funny. Maybe they are going to build a deck?

  9. Front door .. side door .. but just not to my glass sliding door .. (Like Marg) it could freak me out... simply because then people tent to lean right into the door because of the reflection...

  10. Front door, only because you have to go through our fence to get to the back door.Would be so happy to answer the doorbell and find you standing on my front porch!!

  11. I dont't think you will be able to resist using our front door. It is such an unusual design, and to get to it you pass by a fragrant flowerbed of hyacinths, pansies and tulips right now. Be sure to stare at the picture window next to our front door...most likely a cat or two will be staring back at you as you ring the door chime!

    Growing up, our neighbors requested children go to the back door...and the "colored" (as was the term back then) maid next door insisted on using our side door, despite my mother's constant coxing that she was welcomed at our front door!

    Love the yellow door! I'm wondering about the "emergency" door. I just recently learned that outside doors up on a second story without balconies are called "angel doors" here, and were installed to aid in removing those who had passed away, as the steep narrow Victorian stairwells didn't accomodate a coffin. Oh my!

  12. It would be interesting to find out how the lives of the inhabitants behind each of those doors are reflecting the inaccessibility of their doors? Are their lives adversely affected? Feng Shui would suggest that our front door is where we welcome opportunity into our lives and the quality of that opportunity is a reflection of the quality of the welcome exhibited by the ease and inspiration of accessibility of the front door. I enjoyed what I read of your blog and was delighted to find your site featured! Congratulations on an inviting, interesting and uplifting blog!
    Joy and Sunshine. Debra :-)

  13. Catching up with you, Judy...the only door I use all year round is the front door. During summer I use both back and front. My home is long and narrow and we share the driveway to the back yard with my next door neighbor, so using the front door is just easier and quicker :-)

  14. If you come to the front door, I will eventually figure out that the knocking I hear is not my kids in the living room :-)

    This is a dilemna for me whenever I go to a new house. It's one of those things that makes me nervous.

    I found you through Blogs of Note. I think I will stick around awhile!

  15. Only one door is really visible..

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'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson