Monday, May 17, 2010

rhubarb ~ local and delicious....

And should I mention....healthy?  Rhubarb has recently become known as one of those superfoods...low in calories and rich in potassium and calcium.
Though most fruit and vegetable crops are harvested in summer and fall...the rhubarb harvest is all but done in our area.  We've been enjoying rhubarb from the garden for some time...and last week we saw truck loads of freshly cut rhubarb stalks being hauled past our farm...on the way to market.  On Saturday I drove past the rhubarb fields...with my camera in hand...thinking I would see rows of lush green rhubarb plants.  I had memories of yesteryear...

...when Ryder and I  visited the field.  Instead...the field lay bare and in one little corner the harvest was in it's final stages. 

It looked to me like the farm workers were likely happy their work was about done!

The harvesting of  rhubarb is really a 'down to earth' kind of job!  I'm thinking it is the supervisor who gets to sit on the bin...while the rest are on their haunches. 

Bins of long, red rhubarb stalks...coming soon to a market near you!  And you thought they were picked by machine, right? 
They smiled for the camera...and waved as I left!

I love pies, pastries and cakes...and have always thought of it as a fruit. It is,however, vegetable...a hardy perennial...perfectly suited to our climate. I have a few plants in my garden...and have tried many different rhubarb recipes over the years. 

But here's one that's new to me...rhubarb slush...a family favorite at the home of our Kelowna relatives.  It's cool, refreshing...chockful of calcium...and a wonderful way to have your vegetables (smile) on a hot summer spring day.  I made up a batch last week...and posted the recipe over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook...if you want to try it for yourself. 

Enjoy the day...


  1. I didn't realize rhubarb was rich in calcium. Wonderful info and post Judy!

  2. I had no idea of the health benefits. All I know is that I've been watching you gals make your rhubarb recipes with growing anticipation. My rhubarb is not yet ready.

    A rhubarb slushy...hmmm...trying to bend my mind around that one! :D

  3. I'm heading over to have a look at that recipe, as I LOVE rhubarb!
    Sweet photo of that little grand in the towering rhubarb.

  4. The view of the field is spectacular and the juice is delicious.

  5. Good to hear of the rich nutrients in if we could only eat it without that sugar:)
    Nevertheless 'rhubarb anything' rates high with me!
    Loved the photos and info..thanks Judy!

  6. My rhubarb is nearly harvested too ..a few thin stalks remain for emergency tarts. I had no idea how healthy rhubarb was for me. ..I don't feel nearly so bad about the sugar and pastry that usually accompanies my veggie tart. .oh .. but we are talking slush this morning. . surely much healthier

  7. Having never grown up eating rhubarb, or seeing it sold here as a popular vegetable, I admit I'm still slightly perplexed by it's flavor. I'm sure it is healthy!

    Seeing your photos of the workers picking rhubarb reminded me of my maternal grandmother who was always bent over in her vegetable garden tending her plants. I have such happy memories of walking through the rows of her growing vegetables much like the photo you have of Ryder amongst the rhubarb.

  8. Either Ryder is a very small boy there or those stalks are very big!

    Isn't it neat how God has made thigs grow that are good for us? So "everything in moderation" ... and we should be getting our vitamins.

  9. Rhubarb speaks to me of spring! I still have some in my freezer from last year. A rhubarb slushy is in the near future!

  10. I love rhubarb and never realized it was healthy! I'm also looking for more things to do with it, so this is much appreciated!

  11. my dad just loves rhubarb. now that i
    know how healthy it is, i guess i will
    learn to love it, too.

  12. Can't say I've ever tried rhubarb. Might have to get adventurous.

    Love your photos, btw. Gorgeous!

    I'm taking a class and my assignment for the week was to find five blogs that inspired me. My Front Porch made it on the list! (And, naturally, I'm now a follower as well!)

    Come visit me at Looking forward to getting to know you.

    Kate (

  13. We have rhubarb in abundance, which makes me eager to try this slushy recipe. I did not know rhubarb was a vegtable. But what I do know, is that you are one fortunate lady to have a young man like you do to help you. Great pictures.

  14. Well, I have learned more about rhubarb than I ever thought I wanted to know!! :-) Very interesting. I have never cooked or eaten rhubarb, but you have made me curious, I think I may have to give it a try. I'll let you know what I think!

  15. i'll learn to love it,however

  16. I can't say that I care for rhubarb but your photos of the harvesting are wonderful.

  17. I just found your blog and love your pictures and the area you live in..beautiful! Would love if you would follow my blog as well..its new and I'm looking for some nice country folk to stop by every now and then and post a comment or two! Would love to get to know you! Blessings!

  18. We JUST HAD rhubarb slush tonight at dad and liz's - my favorite drink!!!!!!!!!!

  19. rhubar is not familiar to me, but beautiful pictures and nice article.

  20. Gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  21. I am sooo jealous of your rhubarb crop. Rhubarb pie is my FAVORITE! Nice and tart, not souped up with strawberries and such.

    Oh, the view of the mountains is beautiful.

  22. nice pics.
    the drink at the end looks refreshing.
    I went to the fridge to get some juice after i saw it. :D

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