Tuesday, May 25, 2010

season's pass in hand....

When you live within striking distance of a world class show garden...
a season's pass makes sense. 

As of Sunday...I have mine in hand. 

Never mind that two months of blooms have come and gone...
I plan to make up for lost time missed visits.

There's nothing like a Sunday afternoon stroll...along the winding paths...
while the water tumbles over the rocks nearby.

Boxwood art...why not?

I always come home inspired to garden.

It's high season for the rhodo's right now...

...and they know how to grow them to amazing heights!

Look up...thirty feet up!

When I think of Victoria Day in British Columbia...I think rhododendrons. 

And while I was looking up...
I noticed that it's not just the flowers that paint a lovely picture.
Check out the leaves!


...B.C. dogwood

...and the resident peacock waiting to show it's true colours.

I have my walking pass...
and I'll be back...


  1. That's great for you. The vegetation portray a sense of fresh life and a hope for tomorrow with brilliant things. I like this!

  2. Thank you for always providing such beautiful photography. I am now inspired to plan a trip to Canada during the spring. I especially enjoyed the close up shot of the rhododendron today. What amazing colors and details

  3. Judy. .such a wonderful place to stroll. . .did you notice families having their photo's taken? There is usually something interesting to see there. I was nearly there as well... nearly.
    The peacock is magnificent anytime of the year. I smile .. thinking that as I did when my last bloggy friends came to visit. .I think we'd certainly have to visit this one again.
    Interesting note. This morning, I first opened up your blog in IE browser and saw that some things were off .. such as your box around your name. .and then closed and opened it up in firefox and everything was fine

  4. Every time I pass that garden I long to go in for a stroll, but it's either too early in the season or too late in the day. Your photos were a treat - loved the peacock :) - and I enlarged the photo of the leaves against the sky - perfect!

  5. Well I might just have to find me that garden some day to visit...
    Beautiful photos and a great idea to get the season pass!

  6. Lucky you! What beauty awaits you on any given occasion. I consider myself a fortunate person since I get to visit this blog and see photos of the gardens...for free. Thank you so much for carrying your camera with you.

  7. I love the boxwood garden in a maple leaf and the peacock's tail-such a luscious edging on it.

  8. Such a restful spot for you to enjoy. That peacock is amazing; there is obviously a talented team of landscapers there. The rhodos are in bloom here, too. Finally, we catch up to you! Kinda...

  9. That is a beautiful garden. For several years when we lived in Victoria we had season's passes to Butchart Gardens. It's fun seeing the garden show its beauty in different seasons.

  10. Well if you have a walking pass, and a blog, I guess I just got a virtual walking pass too.

    Such a deal. I love Minter Garden!

    (PS: If you have the urge to visit a few of the gardens on the Victoria that would be nice too.)

  11. SO gorgeous - If I lived nearby I'd get a pass too and join you in that beautiful walk!

  12. Okay...I'm jealous!!! Stunning photos girl...such color.

    Glad I can see all this through your eyes!!!

  13. Wow! What a lovely place! Glad you had time to visit

  14. Your photos are awesome. You have such amazing patience to them together. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh my goodness. What an incredibly gorgeous garden. I would love it.

  16. Lovely photos. BC is so pretty this time of year. Enjoy!

  17. It's the end of the day...and I'm still amazed of the beauty around our valley...I've never had a Seasons' Pass...but have shared many meals at the Trillium with John's folks. Always a delightful place to meet.

  18. What a beautiful pictures!

    I like garden with American typical plants.

    By the way, have you ever gone to some tropical countries? You will find so many colorful tropical plants there.

    Regards from Indonesia.

  19. Your are very lucky and extremely wise to enjoy that wonderful garden.

    Thanks for the tour.

  20. Stunning photos of a very beautiful garden.

  21. Such a beautiful garden to have nearby to visit! I love the designs made with the shrubbery.

  22. wonderful, that's great garden


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