Monday, May 24, 2010

flavours and scents...

It's a long weekend in our part of the world.
What that means for that the car hits the road...
sometimes long before the weekend arrives.
It's a good time to visit new places...or check in on old friends. 

As for us...we always stay home on the holiday weekend in May.  
If the weather is nice...there is farm work to be done.

And so we have not strayed far from home...
and yet we have experienced the culinary delights of many countries.

On Friday night we joined friends for a taste of Thailand...
at our local Thai restaurant.

Saturday the grands came for a sleepover...
and we had Mexican cuisine.

Sunday it was German pancakes for breakfast...
and California clubs for lunch...
and back to Mexico for supper.

There is corn to planted today...if the rain holds off.
It's a Canadian holiday...Victoria Day...
and so I think we'll celebrate that by eating Canadian food for a change. 

I wonder what that will be?

Oh...and the lovely aroma is from Korea.
Miss Kim lilacs...a treat on a holiday or any day!

Enjoy your holiday Monday...


  1. Some how I feel like "Canadian Cuisine" is just like ours in the states ... pretty much borrowed from some place else! I loved the international weekend though!

  2. Judy your weekend sounds perfect. I so enjoy a selection of culinary delights too. Our weekend started in China. . .went to the mennonite kitchen several times. . .and then yesterday we ate polynesian kabobs. . quite tasty. Today. .I think we'll do Canadian too.
    You lilac is wonderful. The old fashioned lilacs are long finished.

  3. Well you are so international...I like it. Have a wonderful Victoria day!!

  4. It does not take long to cover the world in blog land or cuisine...
    Hope you get your corn in....the weather has changed once again.

  5. Happy Victoria Day Judy! I love your lilacs. The lilacs are in bloom all over Denver and I have been enjoying their fragrance.

    I'd love to see photos of your Canadian meal!

  6. It is almost time for lunch and everything sounds so yummy!! Your lilacs are gorgeous!!!

  7. Beautiful photos! I love the colors.

  8. Gorgeous photos this morning! Sounds like you had a great weekend.

    Thanks for your visit, yes those pics were 'x-large', and they do hang over a bit into my sidebar. I hate that, not sure how to fix it either. I usually stay with the 'Large' option, but I wanted to show more detail in these pics.

    If you can figure out how to make the 'x-large' NOT hang over, please let me know. :)

  9. Queen Victoria Tea Cake is a must don't you think?

    (Weiners seems to be the favorite Canadian food of Canadian bloggers at least.)

  10. I recognized the flowers as lilacs, but they certainly are unique and lovely ones! Happy Victoria Day to you and yours! Hope that you get a bbq out of it. ;D

  11. What fabulous lilacs and Iris and Miss Kim Lilacs. You live in a beautiful place and your cuisine sounds fun!

  12. Beautiful Lilacs! I can almost smell them way down here in Southern California...

    Happy Victoria Day to you.

  13. I'll be that culinary tour was fun! Enjoy the rest of the holiday, and let us know about the Canadian fare!

  14. The world seems to be getting smaller. Eating food from many countries without traveling far from home...what a treat.

    Your lilacs are a pretty vibrant color, and the funny thing is I can almost smell them:)

  15. Such a lovely back porch and flowers - how I longed to sit and visit.....the International Meal Move was great - have a wonderful weekend .....

  16. As I read, I kept thinking...what is she talking about? The holiday is next weekend. Then I live in Canada! ha! ha! The lavender is beautiful. I can almost smell it all the way over here in the southeastern U.S.!!

  17. What did you have? The lilacs are beautiful!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson