Thursday, May 13, 2010

peacocks, pedal bikes and parts....

Shopping has changed these past few years. We now can buy and sell right from our home...everything from peacocks to pulpits. If you live anywhere near Pondside...and have need of a peacock...check out Craigslist. I have heard from reliable sources that there is one to be posted sometime soon! I'm not really that interested in owning a peacock...since I can visit our local show garden anytime...

...and view the one they have peaceful and well-behaved.

But I must say that my recent and limited experience with Craigslist has been most favorable. I got a treadmill this past winter...

...and needed to dispose of the table and chairs that were taking up valuable treadmill space in the bonus room. Several hours after posting the set on was in hand.

The treadmill arrived and fit nicely into the alcove...but I noticed there was room for a stationery bicycle beside it. I checked out the listings on Craigslist...found one nearby that was like a good price.

If anyone is ever interested in pedalling while I walk...they are more than welcome to join me. (It hasn't happened often!) If you have never checked out's a good way to go. There is no charge for advertising (I still haven't figured out how that works)...and things come and go in a hurry.

I shopped at another store yesterday that I don't normally frequent. Every so often I get sent to pick up parts for the farm equipment...and no one there knows me. But I found out yesterday that they know my dad! After many years of restoring old cars...he is well known at the auto parts store.

Back on the farm, we've had a few glitches this week. Broken belts...crushed bearings...and a tractor out of commission are not a good thing during spring fieldwork. The field of grass that was to be hauled to the farm today...may have to wait until tomorrow.

Enjoy the day...whatever it may bring your way!


  1. What an interesting post today - a little of this and a little of that. Sorry to hear of your equipment breakdowns. That auto store knows me well - we have had lawnmower issues. You may notice our own, and hired trucks trucking by your farm today, as they haul grass bought from afar to our farm. I'm going out now to hose the dust off our own truck. Dairymary

  2. The Peacock has gone to a new home - the thrilled and peacock-savvy buyers came yesterday to pick it up. Hooray! I'm off to Saltspring Island today, and the Great Dane has encouraged me to take the 'peacock money' and have fun. I will!
    Sorry to hear about the glitches that are holding back the cutting - hope the good weather holds until it's all done.
    Do you think you could get me one of the peacocks pictured in your post?

  3. We've had good success with Craig's list also. It's time to use the site again!
    Hope everything starts running smoothly around the farm!!

  4. If it's not one thing it's another - finally the weather cooperates and then the equipment doesn't - hope things all come together soon!

  5. I wish we had a similar thing to Craigslist here, but it doesnt happen. You certainly found some bargains!

  6. Good trade off..exercise equipment for a table and chairs.
    Happy for your bargains..
    Ahh farming..when it all comes together nicely it's good but often that's not the case..hope the glitches work themselves out.

  7. Sounds as if the week may have been particularly frustrating for Elmer and crew. I hate the weeks when nothing goes right for John. I'd rather be frustrated than have him be. Nice little alcove you've got going there. You might almost be able to fake yourself out by looking at those views!

  8. Well, I might just take you up on the offer of biking while you walk!... looks like the bike might even work with a large pregnant belly... :)
    Marlies xo

  9. PS: funny to trade a place to eat for a place to exercise.

  10. Craigslist is great - we used it to sell our old car, and a movie company contacted us, wanting it for a movie! (If you go see "The A-Team" opening in theatres on June 11th, watch for an exploding 1989 Volvo : )

  11. I hope things on the farm are soon righted so that you can take advantage of this wonderful weather!

    Craigslist is a great place to find or dispose of stuff. When my husband was doing home renovations this past year, he received a lot of business from a Craigslist ad.

  12. I sure hope your machinery can be repaired. OUCH!! I have never purchased anything on Craig's list, but I have heard others that have...and it looks like you got a good deal. So that's your secret to staying in good shape.

  13. Well, how did you know I needed to purchase a peacock? This post was a good advertisement for Craig's List. I never went that route, but I hear it is a good idea. You probably would win an award for the best walking and biking view ever! If only I lived closer:)

    What fun to find out that they know your dad. I love when that happens to me, especially since he has not been around for 12 years. I am thankful when I meet guys that knew him well.

  14. I like your kind of peacock too!


  15. Such fun .. .if I'm in your neighborhood. . I might stop in for a walk ..or a bike ride. .I haven't decided which one yet.

  16. We have also sold and bought through Craigslist including selling a car and buying a computer armoir.

    As for the peacocks...I love their beautiful colors...but I love them from afar.

  17. That peacock garden is amazing.

  18. Hi Judy!

    I'm back from LA and have a lot to catch up on. When I signed into blogger your blog was "Blog of Note" on their home page!

    You must have lots of blog visitors today! Congrats!

    I had a fun time in Beverly Hills--will blog about it tomorrow.

    PS A friend of mine furnished her whole house through Craigslist

  19. My husband LOVES craigslist. I'm with you... I can't figure out why there is no charge for listing your items. Anyway,he has bought and sold several things with the biggest being a truck! He had been looking for over a year and finally found just what he was looking for.... just a few miles up the road! Funny, all the ways God chooses to bless us!

  20. Nice posting.. thank you..

  21. An overely glamerous blue peacock has arrived in India from Dubai and the picture resembles. Created a lot of havoc. I liked the way you write; a classic touch.

  22. Congratulations for the 'blogs of note' recognition :)

    What a wonderful blog, I should say.. And the few lines in "Welcome glad you stopped by." were very pleasing n impressive.

    Will visit often :)

  23. nice post :D

    hope u to visit mine :


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