Tuesday, May 18, 2010

looking back...and ahead...

Forty years ago in May...I was still in high school...preoccupied with graduating and camping trips with my friends.  Hubby was a few years ahead of me...had joined the work force...and had friends who were getting married.  On May 16, 1970 he was a groomsman at the wedding of his good friend (and cousin)...a couple who later became my good friends as well.  Through the years we have shared many wonderful experiences...camping trips, bike rides, hikes, a vacation in the sun, weekend get-aways and many delightful dinners around the table. 

They celebrated their 40th anniversary on Sunday...and hosted a barbecue for friends and family in their back yard.  The thing is...they had no idea they were having us in.  And they never recognized us when they arrived home....and found us all waiting on their front lawn!

Planned by their kids...who knew mom and dad would be away on a motorbike trip that day...we were instructed to come in seventies clothing.  Well...that was rather a stretch at our place...and so I found some of today's clothing that looked much like what I wore back in the day.  Hubby wore a costume provided by our son-in-law...complete with a wig...which was soon discarded and lay like a sleeping cat under the chair all evening.  Let's just say I know he never looked like this in the 70's...but maybe someone did!
Oh...let me tell you about our friends in the photo above.  We've actually just become friends...since Lovella and I met in blogland a few years ago...and we soon discovered we were almost related.  And so...they came in their seventies clothing to their uncle and aunt's anniversary party...and we arrived at our friend's/cousin's celebration...and we had a fun evening together!  The funny thing is...we sat on that same patio together at a 25th anniversary celebration some fifteen years ago...but don't recall ever meeting at that time.

It was such a fun evening...remembering the days gone by...and celebrating a marriage that has lasted for forty years. 

And of course there should be a family picture to mark the occasion...as John McEnroe won't likely be back anytime soon!
The wedding party...some forty years ago...May 16, 1970.

The wedding party (minus a few)...May 16, 2010.

We took them by surprise...and helped them celebrate their first forty years of wedded bliss.  With God as their Guide...and the support of family and friends...they look forward to what the future has in store for them as a couple.  Maybe we'll be back for another party...in ten years?  I'll mark it on my calendar! 


  1. Oh my goodness - that looks like our wedding picture almost 40 years ago! What a nice way to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

  2. How fun that you and Lovella are finally friends :0)
    Love those platform shoes!!
    Great pictures Judy...
    Have fun hiking.

  3. Absolutely Beautiful, Judy. It is wonderful that in so many ways you can give people something to believe in.

  4. Oh such fun. ..and your take on it is wonderful with an original photo to include. We'll meet you in the back yard in 10.

  5. Themed parties turn a great celebration into a groovy one ... well at least in this case :) I love the costumes!

  6. You have received blogger awards from Peg

  7. Such a wonderful surprise celebration for your friends, Judy! I enlarged every photo to see the details of the outfits. I like the bell bottoms that you and Lovella wore and the multicolored platform shoes were "groovy" :-)

    The wedding photo was so nice to see and I did recognize your husband right away ..he hasn't changed all that much!

    It is a remarkable story how you and Lovella met through your blogs, but in reality had already "met" before in real life.

  8. What fun!
    I remember those daisies-in-the-hair...in fact I'm sure I have a photo of myself with that same hairdo!
    As I posted on Lovella's blog - it's a bit scary, how good some people look in the 70's outfits!

  9. Just reading about this fun event at Lovella's. Now aren't second cousins related? :D Life is funny and you couldn't have planned it better if you'd tried. Love it! (Also love your description of Elmer's wig. ROFL!)

  10. The portrait from 40 years ago looks an awful lot like some other portraits here in my drawer...and I love those clogs! Remember painting your runners?

  11. I love your writing style and the beautiful photos you include! I look forward to being a follower of you blog....

  12. What a fun way to celebrating 40 years of marriage.

  13. what a lovely blog... and im a new follower that stumbled upon you.love the pics. stop by if you get a chance and visit!

  14. Your blog is really sweet..I found it on blogs of note and will visit again!

  15. Amazing...the shoes are amazing as well!

  16. O I love parties like these! I laughed at the costumes, looks like a great time! : )

  17. This is just the best party! You all just made me sit here smiling from ear to ear. I love the memories that you created. I love the creativity of this family. It was so much fun that you and Lovella were both at the same party, and you had cameras. Me...I am so happy that I could visit your blog today. Great post!

  18. I came to your blog from 'blogs of note'. Its really nice to see that you are still with friends from forty years ago! I am nineteen right now and I can't imagine how my life with turn out so many years later. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Looks like such a fun and creative party!
    Nice blog!

  20. HELLO MDM,


  21. Dear Judy,
    You dont know me.. i just happened to come across ur blogsite and I
    love your Blogs..wish i could be as creative and good writer as you...

    keep up the good work..



'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson