Tuesday, May 4, 2010

this & that....

Though I was planning on featuring the lovely blooms of spring...I decided to go with the flow...the dark clouds and downpours that just keep coming.

You thought oak trees lost their leaves in fall...right? Well, our oak tree was trying very hard to hold onto it's brand new leaves in yesterday's storm...but lost many in the battle. One torn and tattered leaf was plastered against my kitchen window...where it stayed briefly before continuing it's flight. Though it may look like dusk...the photo was taken at high noon.

The storm brought wind, rain and hail...and left many homes without power. This kind of spring weather is best enjoyed from inside the window. One day soon I will be back in the garden!

Oh...and on another topic. If you would like to be one of the first million visitors to Mennonite Girls Can Cook...you better go for your visit real soon! Sometime today we will be welcoming our 1,000,000th visitor over there. And be sure to try the rhubarb cake while you're there.

Have a great day...whatever the weather!


  1. Your weather sounds awfully similar to our weather. Our winter storm didn't happen...yet. We are experiencing lots of wind though. Good day to stay inside and finish some projects

  2. So different from our February weather - but we snuck in an hour at the local show garden a couple of days ago between rainsotrms, to capture a bit of spring - pictures posted on my blog. These are indeed good days to stay inside and get some things done, like try out that rhubarb cake on MGCC.

  3. The leaf photo is a winner, Judy.
    We've had high winds here too - the dog was up panting and crying most of Sunday night - and there seems to be little let-up. I enjoy walking in a wind, but it seems odd to be bundling up in May!

  4. We woke up to a major hail storm this morning .. you should have it soon.
    The weather has really kept me from getting the gardening bug .
    Looking out my kitchen window ..I see black skies. .looking out my living room window I see blue skies. . that is what it is like this time of year.

  5. That was quite a weather system yesterday. Hope we move on to brighter days...Blessings...

  6. Sounds like our area in MT is having some strange weather also. I think it's raining/snowing there today.

    Here in the desert, hmmm high 80's


  7. Not the best weather to come home to... but summer will come...we know that. Enjoy your day inside.

  8. The weather sure has been different here too. You are being hit with lots of storms, we are having lots of wind. The skies are crystal clear today, but it is so windy. I like the picture with the leaf on the windy. Good photography.

    A million visitors is most impressive. I know why. When one wants a good recipe, a really good recipe, one should visit that blog. I know this first hand. THanks to all of you for sharing your talents with all of us.

  9. It is hot and humid here again today Judy. Weather is rather like life...the storms come and go but the blue skies always return. If we can hold on and endure with the grace of God, the good times will be back.

    One million visitors is a wonderful achievement! Congratulations to all involved in MGCC!

  10. That's a great photo, Judy, and very evocative of the weather around these parts yesterday. More winter than we've had all year!

  11. Judy..you caught a great photo with the leaf against the window and the dark clouds behind it.
    Clouds are gathering here again..more rain to come.

  12. Well now, I have to clean my windows..before next Tuesday.
    What a mess that storm left.
    I wanted to clean outside today...but it's way to cold.
    Will clean inside today.

  13. I was wondering how you managed to get that leaf "in flight" until I read it was plastered to your window for a few seconds. Good camera work! And quick too...

  14. I must go congratulate MGCC once I leave here. What an accomplishment! It's one of my favorite places to stop when looking for something "new and different."

    Glad that you've survived the spring weather. It's been something of everything for so many.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson