Wednesday, May 19, 2010

eagle spotting...

During the winter months there are many eagles in our valley. 

They come to dine on salmon in the Fraser River...but then spread out to the farmlands...where they take what they can get.

I watch them from the kitchen window...often sitting in pairs in a tree along the ditch...or playing tag with the crows. 

Last week...when the grass lay in swaths around our house...the eagles were on the hunt for mice.
Though not as carefree as the crows...

...they actually didn't seem to mind being photographed at mealtime.

 The majestic eagles will soon be leaving the valley...not to be seen again until next winter.  I'll miss them! 

There may not be much action on My Front Porch I'm away on a business that is mostly about pleasure. 

Have a great day!


  1. I remember last year's eagle post - they are fantastic creatures,
    Have a good trip - we look forward to hearing about the pleasure part of the trip!

  2. Judy, you are so lucky to have these majestic birds to view form your porch. I am truly jealous :)
    We use to see them in a reserve not far from me but sadly the hurricanes destroyed the trees they loved to nest in. So now the Eagles have moved on to a better habitat.

  3. Eagles indeed look magestic! Judy, enjoy your getaway:)

  4. Beautiful birds, good photos as well.
    I've only ever seen them at a zoo, one of those bird shows but even then they are magnificent to watch.

  5. Hey there Judy!
    I am just stopping by to say hello. Your blog was recommended by a friend who is also trying to pluck up the courage to write.
    I enjoyed your post today - thank you! Those eagles are really beautiful! I wonder what they are attracted to?
    Take care

  6. Your homeland is beautiful ! Thanks for sharing your great photos..

  7. wow. your blog is AMAZING!! lots of pictures, lots of color! wow! great job! and keep it up!!! :D

  8. We were excited yesterday to see a pair of what we think are Carolina Parakeets at our back yard feeder! Astounding green color...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics of the eagles! What adventures we can watch just outside our windows in our own backyards!

  9. Could they take my turkey vultures with them? How funny that we're both writing about big birds. One difference: yours are beautiful!

  10. That is so amazing that you can see them from your window! Wonderful shots...
    Oh what fun...the word verification on my comment is blessing!!

  11. I smiled at the business trip declaration. . I can't wait until my business trip in Fall.
    Oh ..the eagles are majestic and you have such wonderful shots.

  12. Hope you're having a great time on your trip. Holy cow, thoe eagles are amazing. I've seen one around here from afar, fishing the Connecticut River from a river bank tree.

    They are so shockingly tall.

  13. Fabulous final picture there! Don't eagles always look angry? Wonder why...with such lovely places to live.

  14. I am glad you share photos of these birds. I sure don't get to see them often, and if I do is not this close. What majestic looking birds!

    Have fun on your "business" trip! Maybe we will get to hear about it, and maybe not:)

  15. Those eagles are amazing.

  16. Being in India, eagles are not difficult to spot...Nice photos :) Eagles are majestic birds :)

  17. Wow! What a treat to have eagles so close!

  18. Oh, thank you for posting these beautiful birds. When I lived in Upper Michigan, I am a UPer, eh!! LOL I watched balds flying with their babiee. What a majestic sight.
    Miss that and miss the northern light shows around and from the Hand of God...
    I have some hawks and owls in my small acre woods...right on a busy street in my town in NC...but, not eagles..also love all your photos of the creation God has given to us.
    Thank you again..

  19. I can't get over how close you are to them Judy. They are so majestic. I see them around our place in MT too. I'm always in amazement though...not use to seeing these birds in person.

    I had to giggle...I'm reading about eagles over here and Vee is posting about vultures over there...LOL....I thought that was funny for some reason!

  20. They are such magnificent birds! Where do they go in summer, Judy?

    I'm curious about your business trip! I hope it was pleasurable.

  21. I am in awe of the bald eagle. It's our national bird and I've rarely seen them in person. great captures you made.

  22. this is another great reading..thanks for posting! Eagles are amazing birds!


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