Thursday, May 6, 2010

blooms of the valley...

Today we hope to have sunshine...the weatherman has promised!

We have had little of that over the past month...
but the flowering trees put on a show despite the weather!

There's nothing like a pink dogwood in bloom to brighten the day!

I admire this vintage farmhouse as I drive by...
lovely in every season...
but so pretty in spring with a touch of pink.

Irises...wisteria...dogwood...and rhododendron. The blooms of spring!

Sunshine at last means there is much to be done on the farm. It's cropping time...and so we'll be staying close to home for the next while.

They started cutting grass last night...and there will be no time off for any reason until it rains!

Although...hubby seems to have been finding an excuse to take a few hours off here and there this week.

We have a new ER in our town...and he has taken the opportunity to see it...up close and personal...several times over these last few days. It seems he has had an adverse reaction to farming...or maybe just to some aspect of farming. Let's just say he's much happier on the tractor than in the barns right now!

Hopefully he can work uninterrupted today.


  1. Oh how I envy you your real Spring. Most of the time we just go from cool to hot in a week!

  2. I just so enjoy driving past gorgeous green fields seeing the farmers on their tractors cutting grass. I hope your farmer feels no ill effects in his tractor today. Enjoy your self made forced to stay home time.
    We really do have a gorgeous spring here don't we?

  3. OHHHH, the yellow house on the corner. I love that house. I dream of that house with its large porch. It makes me smile. I could use a good dose of smiles. When I look outside my window, all I see is hoo!

  4. Hope your farmer can farm today and enjoy his tractor. That pink Dogwood is amazing. Blessings...

  5. gorgeous pics.....hope elmer is better today...poor guy

  6. How pretty. I often drive by that home too, and admire the house and yard. I was aappy to see the clearer sky this morning. Kathy

  7. Let's hope and pray that the sun does shine...and that he is no longer visiting the new ER. I hope those doctors give him special attention.
    Praying for you.
    Those pink dogwoods are was the walk.

  8. You really do live in a blossoming place, Judy! I saw pink dogwood yesterday and wanted to take one home with me.
    I hope your Farmer doesn't take any more tours of the ER - those tours can seriously eat up fun time on the tractor!

  9. That house, and dogwood, are one of my favorite sights around the valley, too. Almost everytime we drive by, we wish we could buy it LOL! Hoping DH stays well, now - as lovely as that ER is, it's not a fun place to have to visit!

  10. I like the yellow house with the pink dogwood in bloom! I hope your farmer gets well soon.

  11. That house is gorgeous, I love it in the spring when the cherry trees and daffodils are in bloom all the way around it!

  12. Loving the pink dogwood! Hope your hubby is doing fine.
    I love seeing farm machinery out on the fields..must be the farmer's daughter in me:)

  13. What a beautiful tree...I'm so glad you stopped to capture it for the rest of us.

    I think your farmer has had enough tours of the ER....hope all goes well from now on and he doesn't need to visit again.

  14. Oh my Judy -- I hope your husband is OK and that whatever is causing him distress in the barn will be rectified!

    Your spring blooms are beautiful and the rolling hills of green grass reminds me of our trip to Ireland! :-)

  15. We had frost last night and everyone worried about the strawberry crops. Hope your husband is okay--and I hope someone else can take over those jobs that aren't healthy for him...It's worrisome to have to go to the ER!

  16. What? Elmer's been to the ER more than once in the past couple of days? Yikes! That's about enough of that!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson