Wednesday, May 26, 2010

man's best friend...

I like dogs...actually.
We no longer have one we call our very own...
although we like to think we have a little share in Bentley...
the farmyard dog.

Growing up on a farm...we always had a dog...or two.
Over the years we have had black labs...
German Shepherds...
and an Alaskan Malamute.

I'm not so fond of dogs in places of business though...
especially in the beauty industry.

I shared not long ago how I left my long-time hair stylist...
because of her Jack Russell Terrier.

So let me introduce you to my latest doggy friend.

She comes with a name...which escapes me at the moment.

With summer around the corner...
and sandals replacing the socks and shoes to which I have become accustomed...
I thought I would visit my pedicurist...
who has a shop in her home.

I visited her for the first time on a recommendation a year or two ago.
What a surprise when I discovered that we had met previously about a dozen years ago...
just after her arrival in Canada.
I was taking an ESL tutor course...
and she was in the class where I did my practicum.

Since that time...she has had a family...
and set up a nice in-home business.

Though it is impossible to make a silk purse out of a sows ear...
she does a fine job of making happy feet.

While my feet soaked...she left the room.
She left...and her pooch arrived to keep me company.

When I discouraged him from settling on my lap...

...he did a thorough search of my purse....

...and then settled on the chair nearby to keep an eye on me.

And there he stayed...
until she returned and shooed him from the room.

Good thing...
because I really don't care to have doggy company in the pedicure salon.

And I would like to return...
before too long.

Yesterday I visited my dentist...
and half-expected that he too may have a dog in his office.

Thankfully...there was no dog in sight.

It was painless...except for the bill...
and almost spa-like.

Unless it's a farm or a junk-yard...
I still maintain that man's best friend does not belong at the workplace.

Enjoy the day...


  1. "Pedicure Pup" can come live with me anytime! Or at least spend a two-week vacation with me. How Cute!

  2. Cute dog - but I agree that there's a time and place for pets. If the dogs stayed in their corner and only responded to those who approached them (not rooting around in purses, or snuffling around feet, or trying to get into laps), they'd be fine in any place of business. Often stores will have cats - which tend to be more aloof, especially with strangers. But I wonder about people with allergies - it's not unlike perfumes, we need to be aware that many people are acutely allergic and thus may be exposed to life-threatening reactions. And then there are people out there who are afraid of dogs, any kind or size of dog, and need to be protected for their emotional health. It's really too bad that you've had such bad experiences in places where you look forward to a relaxing time - do you let these folks know why you don't return, might be an idea so they give some thought to how they can get and then keep a solid customer base.

  3. I love dogs but not in the work place or any place (other than the vet) I've gone to do business.

  4. Judy, you seem to have all the luck with appointments that have dogs in their offices. Too funny!! Makes for a good story. Keep them coming.

  5. Amen to that sister!

    Guess what I passed on my way to work this morning? The Olympic Torch being jogged along down State Street, surrounded by motorcycle cops, cop vans, etc etc.

    This is the second torch I have had the pleasure of seeing my life time-the other time was in San Diego.

  6. Amen to that! We're on the same page when it comes to dogs!

  7. You know about me and dogs...There used to be a girl at work who brought her dog on Fridays' I would not even go to her office...because he jumped on me, meanwhile I see people coming into ER with there pets occasionally...
    Maybe we need to find a vet shop for them, or set ups some new policies.
    I love dogs running outside on the farm...

  8. Oh Judy.. you've had quite the experiences with dogs in places where they should not be! He's cute, but....not in your purse!

  9. i feel the same way about kids. in home businesses that have kids running around -- loud disruptive kids. in my opinion, waaaaay worse than a sniffing little dog.

  10. I was excited to find another one of your dog experiences being posted. You see, I sometimes need a smile to my day, and this continues to provide me with exactly that. How is it that it happens to you? Just makes me smile and smile. Thanks!

  11. I'm sorry but I had to laugh!What do you think the Lord is trying to teach you? ha! ha! I agree... I would not be happy to find a dog at my salon, either!

  12. I have been living with two dogs this week, Judy. They make me appreciate my cat!

  13. Judy, I so agree with you ! I love animals - but not in the house .. and certainly not in a place of business!
    And what's with Murphy law about dogs always appearing in places occupied by those who love them least!!

  14. Oh I so agree Judy!
    In France it is quite normal to see 'dear ickle doggies' at the table in restaurants!

  15. we already have two many dogs in offices around us u know ;)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson