Friday, May 7, 2010

name that rock...

I have a basket on the front porch...with rocks from hither and yon...

...and as of now...I know exactly where each rock came from. The rocks are souvenirs of our road trips...collected roadside at many interesting spots we have visited. Previously they had little sticky notes attached...or masking tape labels...telling me of their origin. Now...when I flip over a rock...I know precisely where it came from.

Sitgreaves Pass. Now that brings back memories...and is where the motorhome photo on my sidebar was taken. It is known as the most intimidating stretch of Highway 66...with steep grades and hairpin turns...and not recommended for recreational vehicles. (See why I needed a rock souvenir?)

I got a label maker as a gift from my daughter...some months back. Hmmm...I didn't even know I needed one. Is my handwriting that bad? For months it lay in the package...since I knew I would have to read all those instructions before it would make me a label or two.

I finally took the plunge...and started making labels. First the rocks!

Then my cell phone. Now I will know my own well as my code for retrieving messages...without pulling out a book. Smile. You can tell that I don't use my cell phone much!

Next? The jars in my pull-out drawers. Never again will I confuse corn starch and baking soda. And this year my jam, jellies and preserves will be labeled and dated.

I could have lived without it...but it's a great gadget! If you have things at your place that need to be does a neat job.

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all you moms!


  1. Your organizational skills are quite impressive. I smiled as I read this, knowing full well that it is a gift I need to receive. I am sure your family will be thankful that you will be able to tell the difference between baking soda and baking powder:)

    I really like your basket of rocks on the front porch. I would like to sit beside it and hear stories from each rock.

  2. The only time those label makers don't work well is when they are travelling label makers and you wonder which home it is currently living at.
    I can't remember when we got ours but it has been everywhere labeling on the farm.

    I've started to pick up rocks since I first saw your basket. .I think that is so neat.

  3. Great idea for the rocks. I used to pick up slightly larger ones for our rock garden, and they were so interesting , someone who was doing some work on our house decided to make off with some of the fossils...ah, well! ..hope yours stay put.

  4. Hee hee cell phone has exactly the same feature. I could never remember the function to display the number and got tired of looking like a dweeb while trying to find the number when asked.

    I'm sending this post to my rock collecting MIL...and will get her a label makers too!

  5. Way to be organized! A label maker - that might solve some of my problems too! I had to laugh - I'm rather new to cell phones, and also have retrieving issues with messages. Good thing I don't get many. It's sure not as easy as the telephone answering machine. Dairymary

  6. What a great gift idea. I'll bet that a whole lot people will be getting a label maker this year. I'll be sure to give one to someone who lives close enough to allow borrowing!

  7. I love label makers, and labeling - well, everything! A couple of years ago I discovered a computer attachment label-maker (at work), haven't got one yet, but it's a cool gadget!

  8. There are a lot of rocks in that basket but such a nice memory of each one. Love that idea.
    I don't have a label maker but i label most everything with stick'em labels I buy in the store or masking tape.

  9. Girl! Sounds like you are getting carried away with your label maker. Don't stick one on the grand kids!
    I really love that rock label idea...

  10. Wow! You label your rocks! That's some kind of amazing documentation. (I don't remember my cell number either. I had to include it as a contact for that very reason. Now that the landline is gone...another way to save...I really should learn it.)

    I've some catching up to do here so I'm off...

  11. The label maker is just what I have been wanting for my photo albums' spine, and also for my kitchen shelves. We have different young people living with us and I can never find where they have put things away...

  12. i love the idea of labeling your rocks - good way to remember and bring back those great memories.
    label makers are the BEST. i don't have one, and it's probably a good thing...i'd go through the ribbon WAY too fast :)

  13. This is a great gift and 'yes' I need one too. I love rocks too, I have a glass vase full in my downstairs cloakroom.

  14. Another one of those tools that helps your organize...What a great idea about picking up rocks.
    Now I'm wondering if you would notice if one rock was missing.
    The sun is shining and I hope your E is also.
    Your word verification is know what that means in German

  15. I like the idea of collecting rocks in a basket. .. but I don't think I'd get around to labelling them. Unless it would be a fun thing for the grands to do. You are so organized!
    May you be blessed this Mother's Day!

  16. Judy, the label maker looks like a handy tool! I also collect rocks every trip I take, and label them with a sticky label. Mine are displayed in a large glass fish bowl and every now and then I take one to display it separately. They bring back many memories!

    I don't know my cell phone number by heart have it written on a piece of masking tape on the back of my phone! :-)

  17. I had no idea how many things needed labels till I got my label maker. I knew right away that you needed one too. Broni always tells me, "You are your mothers daughter."

    Label makers :) Love em.

  18. ha ha I have the same machine unopened in my cupboard...for the very same reason. I swear you are my kindred spirit =]

    Love the rock idea, now I better open up the package, read the directions, and start my pile :]

  19. What fun to know some one else stops their car for an interesting husband even bought me a large bucket for when we travel. I held my breath on our last return from Alaska and Canada - was hoping we wouldn't have to declare all the rocks in the back of the truck at the border crossing. Also think it affects our gas mileage :o)I keep special ones in a container like you and the rest decorate the gardens.


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