Friday, May 28, 2010

down on the farm...

Yesterday was the day...whatever the weather! 

Ryder brought his pre-school class out to the farm for a tour...
and a hayride, of course!

They came...with their moms in tow...

...who somehow knew that boots would be a good thing!

This momma had her timing just right...
and delivered her baby just in time for all the 'oooohing and ahhhing'!

The little farmhands all had a chance to pet the calves...

...and feed the cows.

How many boys can one tractor cab hold?
They decided they would find out.

Farmer Jeremy (Ryder's daddy) gave them a tour..
explaining how and where the cows are milked
...twice each and every day.

And no...chocolate milk does not come from brown cows!

The boys were most interested in opening and closing gates...

...and using the fire hose to wash down the milking parlour.

Ryder was thrilled to have all his pre-school buddies come visit his farm...

...and I'm sure he'll be asking why he can't host hayrides more often!

Have a great weekend...


  1.'ve shattered my illusions about chocolate milk!!!
    It looks like they had a really fun time down on the farm.

  2. oh man, that looked like fun!
    i can just imagine how proud your little ryder must have felt, showing all his friends his opa's farm and going for a hayride yet....did oma have treats for the whole gang....that wouldn't surprise me on bit :^D.

  3. That was great! It makes me miss working on the dairy! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. That is way cool - I love how they think cleaning the dairy is so much fun, chores through the eyes of children lol

  5. You would definitely get the prize for Grandma of the Week if there was one to be given. I can just imagine the excitement - there must have been a long waiting line for that hose!
    What fun!

  6. I'm wondering if I can bring my little farm hand over for a tour. .a private one. .with Ryder the host of course. Oh fun. The hay ride pictures are fantastic ..

  7. What a wonderful experience for all those little people - and a hayride to boot! Oh, the memories!

  8. Charlotte and Pondside...let me just make this clear. My only part in the farm tour was taking the camera out to document the event! Ryder's mommy & daddy hosted the event.

  9. How very cool that is!! Must have made Ryder pretty proud. Love it!

  10. Looks like a fun day for everybody. Ryder doesn't get to ride whenever he wants? :D Bet he was thrilled to pieces to have his friends all see where his dad works and to have his dad be giving the tour.

  11. What fun for the youngsters...I would have loved such a tour when I was their age too.

    And even now....!

  12. What a great idea and I am sure Ryder was very proud to show all his school pals around his farm.

  13. Wish I was in Ryder's preschool. I'd love a day like they had. Funny how it is what you do every day around the farm so us city dwellers can just show up at the store and reach for the milk in the dairy case. Thank you, and thanks to all the milk cows too!

  14. What fun! I know the kids loved it. And it looks like you had a beautiful day for it.

  15. What a lucky group of children! Ryder must have felt so important. Family on a farm and the privilege of sharing it with all his friends. This is a wonderful post! I love seeing each one of the pictures and how excited they all seemed to be. The mother cow and her little one is a real special event to be a part of how. How did you get her to cooperate with you?

  16. I wish I could have brought my preschool classes over for a tour. How proud Ryder must have been to show off HIS farm!

  17. That looks like so much fun!!!

  18. What a fun field trip for those kids. Those kids will remember that for a long time. Kathy

  19. Judy, great photos once again... reminded me of a school field trip I took in the second grade to a dairy farm.
    Thanks for the reminder of a day gone by :-)


  20. You have to see what I found at a yard sale, it's on my blog post, before you see it on antiques roadshow.

  21. You always have such wonderful stories. I enjoy reading from your blogs. I also love your pictures.Such a nice spot for me to come relax in. :-)

  22. What a lucky boy Ryder is to have the family farm as a giant "show and tell"


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson