Monday, February 23, 2009

celebrations are in full swing

Today is an important date...especially if you happen to have a birthday on February 23rd. My sister in South Texas is celebrating today...but not nearly as much as she will be next year. Birthdays are a great time to remember those who are near and dear...and passing along our best wishes. Happy Birthday, Bev!

Today I would like to honour a dear friend...who is also celebrating a birthday today. Now this is not just any old birthday...but THE big one!

Lovella...who many of you visit at her blog 'What Matters Most' turning 50 today. Two years ago we were strangers...but since that time we have become good friends. I happened to find her blog, as I was searching for a recipe. I must say....that it was the first time I realized that a blog could be used as an inspiration and a blessing to others. I became a regular visitor to Lovella's blog...and was always refreshed by her outlook on life and her willingness to share her faith openly....her creativity and the joy she found in the little things of life. I had no intentions of starting my own blog....but some months later that is exactly what I did. And what a fun and rewarding experience it has been!

Lovella has inspired many of us in so many ways. Last summer she organized a new on-line recipe book called Mennonite Girls Can Cook. It's been such a fun time working together on that blog...and actually meeting many of the gals that contribute. She does all the administration...and corrects all our errors...and we just post our favorite recipes. Lovella has spurred us on...whether it be in cooking, walking, entertaining, decorating or in cultivating our spiritual life.

The funny thing is that we are 'almost related'...Lovella and I...but met officially for the first time last June.

I had the privilege of visiting with her on my front porch...and letting her have the first ride on our new swing. Since that time, we have met on several occasions...and she hosted a wonderful Christmas party for some of us...her bloggy friends. I am sending you wishes for a most wonderful 50th birthday...may God bless you abundantly...both on this day and in all the days that lie ahead. Keep using your gifts to glorify your Maker!

Kick-back, relax...contemplate where you've been...dream for the future...and enjoy your 50th birthday!

Let's celebrate the day...


  1. Happy Birthday Lovella! I hope the next 50 years are filled with friends and love! Especially friends like couldn't be more blessed! Now, I have to check out this recipe site...I hope I'll find lots of goodies that diabetics can enjoy...keeping in mind that Splenda is my sweetener of choice...hint hint!

  2. I've always enjoyed Lovella's blog too. How lovely that you have met up.

  3. What a wonderful way for you all to gather around a dear friend (and family member) to say "Let the party begin!"

    I'll be visiting What Matters Most later this morning to wish Lovella a very happy day!

  4. You Girls. . are just so sweet. I look up early like a little kid. . .if there was a tree lit up in the front room I'd be sitting there, but instead I came to read a few of my favorite blogs.. .
    And now. . I don't know whether to laugh or to cry ..
    Oh Judy. . you said the sweetest things. .
    I feel so honoured. . .and humbled. . .and speechless.
    Thank you!!!

  5. I just visited Lovella's blog for the first time last week. What a kind tribute to a beautiful friend. I learned so much from reading your post today. I cannot believe that I have had the privilege of stepping into both of your worlds, through the adventure of blogging.

  6. Well, Judy, that must be one of the nicest birthday presents anyone could ever receive!
    Beautifully said!

  7. Front porches and swings and friends.... perfect !

  8. Sweet post Judy! I love these photos you have of her and happy birthday to your sister in Texas, too :0)

  9. Great post Judy..we will remember how we found each other through googling paska!

  10. Happy Birthday to your sister and friend. It surely is a day for for special people.

  11. Thos pictures are beautiful. What a fun outing...for all of us.
    Memories, and here we are all just enjoying the beauties of connecting through blogland....
    Besides having coffee in our homes everyday, we get to wake up and have coffee on the internet with all of our wonderful connections.
    Did someone tell me that we were wasting our time?
    Thanks for attending the party.
    Next time we will have to supply goody bags.

  12. How special is that...almost related too? Both of you are so fortunate then...for both of you are great friends I have had the privilege of making. Yep....that young thing on the swing....50 today! What a nice post Judy.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson