Friday, February 6, 2009

a spring outing

After a few gorgeous days out here on the west coast...we are ready for spring! The heathers don't need much coaxing...

...they are already in spring mode.

It's been shirtsleeve weather the past few days. I spent Wednesday pruning shrubs, cutting off all the grasses, and tidying up the beds. And just to confirm that winter was behind us...we even had our afternoon coffee break on the patio.

Yesterday was another spring-like day...a perfect day to go out on the town (a neighbouring town, that is)!

Baby Maelyn thought so as well! Although she slept through most of her adventure...

...she did wake up long enough to have lunch with mommy and Grammy at the Little Farmhouse in the City. It is located in a beautifully decorated 1927 heritage building...and features good homemade country cooking. They make their own breads and soups...

...and also serve a nice high tea with homemade pastries and scones.

Maelyn seemed to enjoy the entire experience.

From there we strolled a few blocks...and checked out all kinds of neat little shops in the old part of Abbotsford. There was a great boutique called 'Oooh La La'...and a most wonderful quilting shop, where we found a cute little retro dress pattern for Maelyn. We peeked into a famous little cake shop called we'll know where to come one fine day when we need to stop for a yummy treat.

While Heidi had her haircut...Maelyn joined me on a quick Costco run. She didn't seem to mind how many times she got strapped in and out of her car seat...she had herself a great snooze.

Here's the funny thing...two people asked me if Maelyn was my baby. One was a very sweet old lady, whose vision may have been gone...but the other was a young employee of Costco. What was she thinking?

We had a fine time...we got all our tasks completed...and more! And how nice to be out and about on a beautiful day...and soak in the spring air together with those near and dear. Our weatherman is telling us we may need to forget about spring again for awhile...but we've had our first little peek!

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month. ~Henry Van Dyke

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. What a gorgeous close-up of Maelyn! Sounds like a wonderful way to do a spring day!

  2. Oh Judy. . what a perfect day. I must say . .that I actually thought. . oh has it been nice out? It is so crazy how we half function in times of stress.
    I loved seeing your pictures of your outing yesterday and oh the heather. . .I must go out and see.
    We'll have to meet at one of those lovely places next time you are in town.
    Have a wonderful day. . .I hope the weather holds. . I'll poke my head out today.

  3. Maelyn is one adorable grand-girlie all right! She looks like such a happy baby. I had to laugh about your being asked if you were Maelyn's mommy. A sign of the times...mothers are getting much older than they used to be.

    Although I recently made the opposite mistake and will NOT ever open my mouth again. I asked an older gentleman if the toddler he was toting was a grandchild. Frosty looks my way as he said, "No, this is my son." Yikes! So "shut up, Vee" is my motto these days.

    Looks as if you had a lovely day on the town! And am I ever jealous about your weather. I think even Florida is jealous of your weather!

  4. What? Shirtsleeves? Oh my...what a difference a few miles makes. Not shirtsleeves for my 'neck of the woods'. Love your outings and thanks for taking us out with you,

  5. What a beautiful baby...and it looks like she has a "lot of personality!" I had a similar outing with my daughters last Saturday, and ate at the same really is a terrific way to spend a day. However, we probably left a lot more money at the Quilt Shop, coming out with a number of projects. Love the pictures of the heather - it must mean that spring is coming and the groundhog got it wrong.

  6. Judy..thanks for the post, you have a beautiful g'daughter.
    No signs of spring in my part of the country unless I count that it is supposed to be 0 degrees today. Balmy for us!! hehe
    Oooh I love heather and I must plant some of that stuff this spring.

  7. I definately miss the coast for all the flowers but I don't miss the rain.

    Maelyn is a very cute girl and you are so blessed to have your children and grandchildren so close by.

  8. What a perfect Day! And that cute little Maelyn seems to enjoy every adventure.
    It's fun to see you with your daughter wandering in all those beautiful shops. I'm wondering if mine would ever go there...

  9. you really have a cutie in that g'daughter of yours...
    spring, i must say that i am just dreaming of that possibilty here...not for along while yet at least 8 weeks i am sure.
    glas you had a great day with you dd and dgd. (darling daughter and g'daughter)

  10. That little Maelyn is just gorgeous. I can't believe how much she has grown. Don't you just love kissing those sweet cheeks?

    It sounds like an absolutely perfect day. Just you girls.

  11. We are farther behind you in the "spring thing". It did make me anxious for that special time of the year. You gotta love it when someone asks if you are the mother, when in fact, you are the grandmother. Great compliment for you my friend. Hang on to it!! You have a beautiful family.

  12. sounds like a lovely outing! Mae is so adorable, she melts my heart and I wish I could meet her...soon I hope. And yeah, you could be mae's mom, these days!

  13. That baby is cuter than cute! and personality twinkling in her eyes!
    You day with your daughter and granddaughter sound perfect!

    And I did see some signs of spring today... my bulbs are up a good inch! I'm afraid they are going to freeze their heads off... They should have stayed inside awhile longer, I fear!

  14. Maelyn is so precious....and I love her name.

    Your flower shots are a delight to see.....spring is coming!

  15. That sounds like a perfect day. Maelyn is just adorable.
    Your heather is so pretty especially with the mountains in the background.

  16. I don't know about anyone else...but I certainly can't stop myself from kissing those maely-moo cheeks. I just want to eat her up.

  17. Maelyn is so pretty and looks like such a happy baby! What a nice day you had with your daughter and grand daughter!

    I can't believe your heather is already blooming...and short sleeves weather? Wow! Just a few weeks ago you were knee deep in snow.
    Sometimes the weather is like that in Colorado -- snow one week, 70's the next.

    Our snow all melted today because it was in the 40's..but I know winter is far from being over yet.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  18. What a grand day you had. All that baby time, lunch are mistaken for the mum. If that isn't a great day I don't know what is!
    Your heather bed is very pretty. You must be a bit ahead of us, we still have some clumps of snow in the flower beds. We need a good hard rain.

  19. Maelyn is adorable, love her wee hat! What a great day you had out with the girls. Heather...I've tried growing it a few there a trick to it? I have some dried heather in a frame my grandma brought back from Scotland (where she was born) When she passed away a few years ago my Mom gave it to me, one of my dearest treasures. Blessings, Heather


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson