Friday, February 20, 2009

what's in a name...continued

Sunshine...snowdrops...and 'sweet smelling' country air...all sure signs of spring. We are enjoying the perfect weather for cleaning windows, decks, and all those other jobs that get ignored all winter. But yesterday also turned out to be a perfect day for joining my daughter and baby Maelyn on a long walk...the final destination being the public health unit where Maelyn was due for her immunization. Maelyn wasn't in the least upset about the whole process...and went quite willingly. I was reminded of another trip to the same place...many years ago...when her mommy went against her will. It's a story I'll save for another day...but let's just say it never took three nurses to administer the vaccine to baby Maelyn!

Once the deed was done, we made a stop at the post office...where we ran into my aunt...who was most thrilled to meet my granddaughter...who carries her name. Maelyn's official name is is her great great Aunt Maggie's. And if you know my Aunt know she is usually wearing something yellow...because it just happens to be her favorite colour. And wouldn't you know it...Baby Maelyn was also wearing her favorite yellow hat.

They both agreed to pose for a the drug store post office...right next to the toilet tissue. And so the first meeting of the two Magdelyn's will be recorded right here...on My Front Porch. When we parted ways, Heidi said she had no idea my aunt's real name was Magdelyn when she named her daughter...but she is so glad it turned out that way!

Oh...and did you happen to notice Maelyn's angel wings in the sweet is that?

I had no plans to do another post about names today...but the chance meeting of the only two Magdelyn's that I know...just couldn't go unrecorded. I'm done with my name game for now!

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. What a great meeting! Nothing happens by chance. It's so interesting that Heidi didn't realize what Aunt Maggie's given name was, but she's right, it turned out well.

    Maelyn's outfit is adorable from the top of her yellow cap to the tip of her toes. She's one stylish baby!

    Of course, I won't forget that there's another story waiting in the wings about Heidi's trip to the clinic.

  2. Judy .. another wonderful post. You are such a gifted story teller. I did notice immediately Maelyn's wing. . and enlarged the photo before I read you mention it.
    Oh how wondeful to have a great aunt named the same. . .and such a pretty name too.
    I'm glad that those pokes are over for the time being. .
    Both baby and aunt are very cute.

  3. Such a beautiful it! Obviously I am not very observant as I didn't notice the wing until you mentioned it Judy.I was too busy looking at those happy faces!
    And little Maelyn's shoes..too cute!

  4. i just love how the picture captured the wings on maelyn...very cute.
    i think it is great when generations share similar names.

    betty mentioned shoes...i better go back and look, i love little shoes!

  5. Good morning Judy!

    Maelyn is so adorable with her big blue eyes and chubby cheeks! The angel wings shirt and her cute little "shoe" socks are so perfect!

    Your aunt is a pretty woman and looks happy to meet her great niece that shares her name!

  6. I love the colors of both the M&M's.
    How beautiful...the little yellow tuke? and wings? If she's like her Granny, who does she inherit the wings from?
    I think we need to brighten up our wardrobes.
    Your aunt looks beautiful and the color is amazing.
    Have a wonderful day in the sun.

  7. What a great picture!! You know how to take daily events and make them into interesting stories. Thanks for sharing that story and another adorable picture of your precious granddaughter.

  8. Judy, you must have been quite the mom...story telling at children were lucky to have a mother who could take the ordinaire and make it special. Your story is full of animation and I love it! What a wonderful I can't wait until the next story comes along.

  9. What a lovely chance meeting of two very beautiful girls! Your wee Maelyn just has to look at her great grand aunt to know that the future holds good looks for her!
    Isn't it nice that your aunt's name is being carried forward into new generations?

  10. Beautiful names and not at all by chance!

  11. Your name game has made for most enjoyable reading. How neat that you ran into your Aunt while out with Maelyn. The angel wing is precious. I first noticed her adorable shoes or are they booties that look like shoes?

  12. Okay, now those are two beautiful ladies...great photo and great name runs in the family, Judy!

  13. I think everyones right...not much did feel like chance yesturday. And I remember running into Aunt Maggie while I was expecting thinking "what a fabulous lady." Little did I know I was about to name my child after her.

    :) I must say, those are my two favorite magdelyn's that aren't called magdelyn in the whole world.

  14. Judy, that was a sweet fun story. Your aunt is very pretty in her yellow - so sunny! Your Grandaughter is such a beautiful baby.

  15. Little Mae is SO adorable!! And nice to see Aunt Maggie too! She's always been a favorite Aunt (Great Aunt?) of mine. Cute story to boot!

  16. A very sweet portrait, complete with angel wings!

  17. I saw the wing right away. What a little angel she is.

    How special it is when a family name is passed down.

    Now I need to catch up on your name posts.


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