Thursday, February 5, 2009

Five Things on February Five

It is the fifth of February...and it seems like a fine day to join in the 'Name Five Things' game of tag that Nana over at Living the Dream began.

1.) Name five things in your purse.

I dumped out my purse...and of course I have the same things as you all do...and a maybe a few others.

I happened to find five pens...and yet seem to have a hard time locating one when I need it. I actually looked at the pens, for a change. The green one has our church logo on it...I think I will be returning it next Sunday. The purple one is compliments of the Dairy Farmer's of Manitoba...and I have no idea why they thought I needed a pen, but I quite like that one. The black one is legitimate...we support 'Power to Change Ministries' (formerly known as Campus Crusade). The yellow one was a wedding favour from my nephew's wedding. And the white one is advertising agricultural tires...something I don't usually shop for!

This credit card case is perfect for all those cards that I rarely need...and just take up space in the wallet...available at Pier 1 Imports.

I always have a tube or two of lip favorite is Lancombe's juicy tubes...but lately I have been using Avon's at 1/3 of the price and almost as good.

Another thing I have had in my purse for the past four a sheet of the colour swatches for the paint colours in our home. If I'm ever looking to buy an accessory...I can colour match on the spot.

Oh yes...and my Grammy's brag book is always in my purse. It's made up of photos of the grands that I have taken throughout the past year...I order it from Shutterfly and it comes in it's own leather wallet. Every year I replace the little book.

2.) Name five things in your work room /office.

My favorite thing in the office is the view out the that morning sun!

Five things in the office would include...a computer (make that two), a phone/fax, a printer, a clock...

...and my favorite OLD sewing machine. This sewing machine has been problem-free for 37 years...and was free in the first place. My younger sister won the sewing machine at the PNE (exhibition) in 1971...and since she could not afford to buy the cabinet that went with it...I became the proud owner of my first sewing machine. I've always thought that one day I would like a fancy, schmancy machine...but that day never comes, since this one still does a fine job!

3.) Name five things you have always wanted to do.

How about if I change that to five things I want to do today? I want to take the day off (since I worked so hard out on the yard all day yesterday)...and go gallivanting with my daughter Heidi, and baby Maelyn. I want to visit some furniture stores, Home Depot, maybe Costco...take time for lunch...and entertain Maelyn while Heidi has her haircut. Oh yes, and I noticed I have a Starbucks card and a Tim's card in my maybe Maelyn and I will go for coffee while the hair is being cut.

4.) Name five things you're interested in.

My interests lie in my family (did I say grandkids?), my faith, friends, food and travels...and much more!

5.) Five Blogs to pass this on to.

I'll make this easy...if you want to play tag, be my guest...and don't forget to let me know if you are 'one of my five'.

Enjoy the day!


  1. Hi Judy - you are brave to up end your purse for the world to see! I'd have to edit the crumpled kleenex, the mints from various restaurants, pennies, etc etc. And your office - will you come on over and organize mine?
    Thanks for the introduction to Shutterfly. I think I'll order a brag book for myself and one for my mother, who is always bragging about her grands and great-grands.
    I may take you up on the tag, but it might have to wait for the 5th of March!

  2. HA...a great post there Judy. Wow...I agree with Pondside....a dump of my purse would be embarrassing to do publicly. But you know what I like best about the post...all was good...but I absolutely love your view from the office....what inspiration. Have a good 'five' day Judy! A 'high five' to you!

  3. I am shocked at the immaculate state of your office...maybe I should just walk out the door of my current 3 offices and just visit yours for awhile...very impressive...and I think my purse looks about the same, come to think of it!

  4. I think I could use the credit card case; perhaps my wallet will then close properly. By the way what's the project on the sewing machine--it's beautiful!

  5. You have one neat purse Judy..not sure I could dump mine at any given time..what no kleenex??
    Love your office windows..I sure wouldn't mind being holed up in there to do paperwork!
    I'm also wondering what's in the making at your sewing machine??

  6. I agree with the others that your view out your office window is beautiful. I also would like to know what the project is on the sewing machine.

  7. Too much neatness for me....Five pens, and I can't even find one to keep score with....
    The office is impeccable.
    I will play the game one of these days...meanwhile I might have to get some yard work done.
    The sun is shining.

  8. Can you hire me to work in your office? What a view!! Can you get work done in there? And that little photo book...I want one of those. From your last post, I detect that you are a very organized person.

  9. Great post! My purse looks like a bomb went off in it. Your view is fabulous! I can tell that you have a wonderful family and it always looks like you guys have so much fun.

  10. Very nicely done Judy!

    I love that photgraphy "brag book" Great idea.

    I would never get any work done in your office as I'd be gazing out those windows all the time!

  11. Great post, I love the brag book too, never seen them in the UK, I will have to have a look. The view from your office is amazing. How nice to have spring on the way, the weather in the UK has been quite extreme, we have so much snow we don't know what to do with it!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson