Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tying one on ~ an apron tutorial

Aprons are back...for young and any style you might desire! I was eyeing all the beautiful aprons out there before Christmas...with intentions of sewing up a few as gifts. It never happened then, but I have finished a number in the last few weeks...and since you's a tutorial for a simple tea towel apron.

I happened to find tea towels in packs of three...all colour co-ordinated and on sale...just begging to be made into aprons. For each apron you will need 1 large tea towel...trim fabric as desired for embellishments or pockets...and 2 1/2 yards of twill tape. The tea towels I used were approximately 18 1/2" x 28" can always add a little trim along bottom, if they are too short.

1. Fold your tea towel in half lengthwise.

2. Starting at the centre top of your apron, measure 4 1/2 inches and mark.

3. From the top corner measure down 10 inches and mark (this is the non-fold side).

4. Using a rotary cutter and a ruler, cut between the two marks, making a triangle.

5. Unfold your apron, and finish diagonally cut edge with a narrow hem.

6. Cut a 20" length of twill tape for neck band. Attach to the top of the apron at side edges...

...being sure to encase raw edges of twill tape. (Finished length of neckband should be 18 inches).

7. Cut two ties from from remaining twill...and attach at side edges. (Finish raw edge.)

8. Decorate apron as you please. Use coordinating fabric to sew a band along bottom edge...or add a wide band and sew two seams vertically to form three pockets...or use your imagination and sew on some wonderful embellishments! Since my tea towels were all in co-ordinating colours...I could mix and match. And that's all there's to it...easy aprons in no time!

Broni (my daughter-in-law) agreed to model an apron for me last night...and grabbed a few props for the photo shoot. I pay my models well...she took home the apron and my 37-year-old Betty Crocker cookbook.

I would suggest washing the tea towels before sewing...which I failed to do! I'm hoping that my 'one-size-fits-all' aprons don't become 'one-size-fits small' once they have been through the wash.

So keep your eye open for some great tea towels...and have some fun! I've got another tea towel project on the back burner here...and may just share that as well once it's done.

Enjoy your day...


  1. Blogger troubles...ackkk...third try and I hope it's the charm.

    I love this idea of having coordinating tea towels so that you can mix and match the aprons. Thanks for the directions!

    Broni makes a beautiful model! Is she keeping the cookbook or is it just on loan? (Very generous of you, Judy!)

  2. The apron looks so professional and cheerful Judy. Tea towels come in such pretty patterns so the variety can be endless. I'm passing on your directions to a friend who sews. My sewing skills ends with sewing on a button.

    Broni is a perfect model!

  3. I did not know that you are a seamstress. What a great idea to make an apron out of tea towels. I see you only hire beautiful models, and you certainly do pay well. My sister-in-law sews aprons. I am so happy that they have come back into our lives.

  4. Judy..sewing those tea towel aprons looks easy enough but I know mine wouldn't look that nice.
    You have a perfect model..and she got some great gifts to take home.

  5. Thanks for posting that tutorial, Judy. I have a 3-pack of tea towels and will give this a try - may even post photos if I am successful.
    I had to smile at that Betty Crocker cookbook. I received one as a shower gift 36 years ago. Both my daughter and DIL asked for it, so I put my name in at the used book stores and found 2 of the originals in pristine condition. They were delighted!

  6. Do you need more models? How about some in Europe? :-)
    The apron looks good and the idea is neat! Ute

  7. Oh, what an easy apron! I like it, and you can do so much with it. I have the same cookbook too, it was a wedding gift, and has been SO helpful over the years. Have since often given cookbooks to new brides. Dairymary

  8. What a clever idea. I will have to take the role of admiring your work because my sewing skills equal what Pat stated as hers.

    Your model sure is cute.

  9. What a wonderful idea for a post! The apron is lovely and so is your daughter-in-law. Happy sewing!

  10. Oh what a fantastic tutorial Judy. I can't believe I've been slaving away with a pattern and full out lengths of fabric. . .
    no more, I'm taking your lesson and running with it. Also, buying a pack of teatowels at Homesense would make it far more economical and still so very cute, all with matching trim.
    Oh Broni is just the cutest with her props and all.
    Good advice about washing the tea towels first. I find that they often are different fabrics. ..
    Great post Judy.

  11. Yes...I would love to have the European models come out for a photo shoot, Ute! When are you coming?

  12. I sure like working with you as my tutor. You have inspired me to look as some simple things that bring joy and satisfaction....
    I am the proud owner of one of those aprons and I wear it proudly....
    It's snowing again!

  13. I love that apron! I love aprons in general...but that's a wowser!

  14. Thanks for the tutorial. I will definately be trying these.

  15. When is the tutorial on how to make millenium boxer underwear coming?

  16. What a brilliant idea Judy....but you do need to have the right tea towels. French ones can be very boring!
    What a pretty d/i/l you have.

  17. Great idea! I love the aprons. Your daughter in law is a cutie.The pattern doesn't look hard at all. I need to try it with Avery.

  18. What a fun winter project. I think I saw those exact towels today. Your model is darling. No wonder your grands are so cute! Looks like she scored on afew treasures. Kathy

  19. I love this! I make aprons but I have not tried this! This is my next project!

  20. Okay this is doable! I love a simple creative project like this. Tea towel aprons here I come. I will post when I get one done!

    Great tutorial yourself!...I do so wish I could make you a cup of real coffee =)

  21. Thanks Judy for the great tutorial. I love the colours you used. Heather


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